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Strangest food creation while munching?

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by S0BE, May 10, 2010.

  1. this seems to have been posted already in some way, the mixture of peanut butter and chocolate. my personal favorite variation of this is to get good chocolate chips and mix them in a bowl with peanut butter, then microwave it. either dip some good food in there or just eat the "dip" with a spoon. amazing.
  2. Cold leftover asian zing boneless wings from buffalo wild wings dipped in hot chocolate mix (the powdery stuff)

    sounds terrible...but then you get high:D
  3. A Mc******.

    Step 1. Get a McChicken and a McDouble(i prefer mac sauce on mine). Open the McDouble so there is 1 all beef patty on each side. Then stick the McChicken in between the patties, bun and all. Close dat bitch up and munch. Can dip in any Mcy D's sauce also.
  4. Pancakes with parma ham, some random ham, chorizo, chocolate, honey, maple syrup, sugar, gruyere, goats cheese, cheddar, parmesan, lemon. Some other stuff that I've forgotten.
  5. yeah but i guarentee a stoner didn't make the prices.
    me and my friend went and i ordered two double downs and two small drinks. the total was over sixteen dollars. tell me how it was more than the price for two combos?:confused:
  6. This isnt that strange but its fucking dank as hell, a ranch, cheddar, italian cheese, cheese it, ham, turkey and chicken quesedilla dipped in some sweet baby rays. mmmm, all my friends thought i was retarded for making it until they tried it.
  7. One day I decided I was going to make this asian lean cuisine shit. So I made that, I looked in my fridge, and found pudding, and muenster cheese. So I got out the lean cuisine and just ate all three at once. So good.
  8. Not that crazy but it's good
    cereal with chunks of gronola bars in it
  9. one time i was completely fucked up so i, got a hot fudge sunday pop tart and put it in a blinder. blinded it.put the blended peaces and microwave it. throw that into a bowl of ceral. then blend that up and put them inbetween to cookies. ill make about a batch of twenty.if you followed these steps completely congrats your eating the yummiest thing in the world!:smoking:

  10. I love that you blinded it. lol and you did that twice haha
  11. stoner soup recipie: from the kitchen of:kyle and cole!
    Add 1 can mushrooms
    Add 1 cup water, or however mutch you want.
    Add 1 tsp of salt
    Add 1 can of korean bamboo shoots
    Add 1 tsp of pepper and or other spices that look good.
    Microwave for 30 seconds and enjoy!

  12. Is that a double cheese with a junior chicken in it? Iv done that before :cool:
  13. Haha. I do that shit all the time.

    Do you call it a Mc...B..A..N..G..E..R ?
  14. i can't recall, but i just had theeee best carne asada fries. :smoking:
  15. When I'm really stoned, ranch dressing seems to be my biggest craving and goes well with anything. I think Cheetos and ranch dressing would be the most common strange combination for me.
  16. P&C Sand witch (peanut butter cinnamon sugar) SOOOO GOOD ON TOASTED BREAD
  17. Not to long ago it was late and I was stoned, I needed to cook dinner anyway, but only had half the ingredients for soft shell tacos and half the ingredients for burgers. So, I fried a bunch of hamburger meat up and ate it in the shells with thousand island dressing and shredded cheese. Wasn't bad really.

  18. wow man reading that it was like goin on and on it sounds fucking amazing lol but i always love to stay on a empty stomach while im getting fucked up:smoking:

  19. wow that sounds like it would be amazing :D

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