Strange thoughts about cannabinol?

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  1. Didnt really expect to wake up this morning and starting reading about marijauana. Something caught my eye when reading about cannabinol, actually, shocked me. This chemical is unreguluated and its is not scheduled by Convention of Psycotropic Substances. So, saying I got completely clean no thc in my system, I ingest cannabinol alot of it, I get buzzed, I take a piss test for a job and fail. If, this happened would I be able to fight that as a false positive. Cannabinol is a metabolite of THC but I dont know if you could fight that or not any ideas???

  2. I'ts quite sick that it is illegal, since it clearly helps against anxiety, and epileptic seizures.  
  3. NO NO not cbd's its CBN look it up its unscheduled
  4. All of the cannabinoids are.
  5. You can obtain extracted or synthesized CBD as a stand alone product???
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    In incredibly low amounts that are considered negligible and somehow can be sold since it's next to no active product. That's why these legal cbd products don't work at all.
    I'm curious whether clinical neurologists are prescribing CBD based medicines and tinctures in medical-legal states? Are medicines available in the US yet - and being taken advantage of by the medical establishment ? I know there are some CBD based prescription products in the UK and maybe elsewhere, but are they being developed and used in the US yet?. NIMH has patented it as a neuroprotectant (along with the other cannabinoids) so I can't see what would prevent its widespread availability, even in weed-illegal states. But that's just me.
  8. ok if there illegal why can i buy these hookahzz thats the brand look them up there are a few different headshops in the usa
  9. You can buy cbd eliquid online in doses up to 200mg and it can be shipped to all 50 states. I live in Arkansas and weed isn't legal here at all.

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  10. 200 mcg. Not mg. It's almost no cbd at all, negligible, which is why it can be sold

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