Strange Things You Find Cute/Hot/Turn-on

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  1. I can't explain why it makes me so turned on, but it does. "Relaxed formal wear." After a big night out all dressed up, I love it when a guy loosens his tie, unbuttons the top few buttons in his shirt, and untucks it. I love that look on a guy and I get really turned on.

    I find it cute that one of my endearing nicknames is sugar-ass.

    Laying on top of a guy and giving him small kisses over and over again. It's so romantic and it quickly turns me on.

    What's yours?
  2. ..Etarded girls/Girls on E..?

  3. Getting my neck kissed, i get like almost sexual pleasure from it.
  4. I like when a girl is in laidback clothes, like jeans and a t-shirt or if we're just chilling at the house like pajama pants and a t-shirt. :D
  5. girls in short skirts.. so i can see their thick theighs/ass which i love :D
  6. Girls are strange and they turn me on.
  7. When a girl runs her fingers through my hair
  8. I get really turned on when my girlfriend goes against me.

    We will be doing ab exercises and I'm saying lets go more more, and shes like fuck you I'm not as strong. After that I just jump on her, not too sure she has picked up on it.

    The innocent half biting lip while looking away, is cute as hell.

    And for some reason small boobs are hot.
  9. ^Agreed. Short hair and small boobs are both very hot - Look at Keira Knightley.

    Also really like girls who bite and/or scratch
  10. Im with you on this one...extremely hot when a girls in pajama bottoms and a t-shirt, bonus points if theyre not wearing a bra
  11. sweat pants, hair tied, chillin wit no make-up on?

    for me, i love seein girls in thong's and bikini's, and girls who have there hair straight
  12. i love when a guy kisses my neck or bites me soflty

    i also love playing around like we're puppies or something, just jumping or rolling around is super fun.

    and guys on e. definitely.
  13. i like small stubby toes on my girls, i don't like claws
  14. Beautiful eyes for girls. Even if a guy has pretty eyes I'm taken aback a little bit (I'm not gay, I just find eyes very attractive)

    Also, I work at this food place and this lady comes in all the time and she has huge frizzy Blond hair. Wow!
  15. Girls wearing thick-rimmed glasses are hot as hell. Any girl with glasses like that gets a few points in my book, although it often makes it difficult to decide how attractive they are just because I dig the glasses so much.
  16. yeah, glasses 4sure
  17. Yeah I like Glasses and Eyes. But things besides those that turns me on with women is a good smile and tattoos.

    1. You can have a good smile even with fucked up teeth. It just turns me on when the smile is real (like from laughter or when someone is happy to see you). You can tell, you know?

    2. I love tattoos. I'm scared to get one cause i would end up sleeving my arms lol. if you have any ink on your body, its usually a huge turn on. (Starting to find the lower back tattoo unoriginal and boring though now. Everyone and their mom has it).

    [ame=]YouTube - Sexy Tattoos[/ame]

    <3 @ 0:25 on the video
  18. Hot girls in sweatpants/pajama bottoms and small tshirt. mm.

    Girls who are a little taller than me. I'm around 5'10 or 5'11, so girls that are 5'11-6'2 turn me on. Most guys wouldn't like this but I think it puts the girl on a more even footing with me if that makes any sense. She may be taller, but as a decent college swimmer, I can still dominate that shit;)

    Intense blue or green eyes. My eyes change between blue and green, but I don't know enough girls with those colored eyes, and they're just so sexy
  19. The stomach is the most attractive part on a woman's body. I have no idea why I love it, so any clothing that doesn't cover is hot.
  20. YEEESS right on

    idk what it is but for me a simple look goes a very very very long way for me :D

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