Strange Smells Emitting From Your Plant

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  1. I am a beginner in growing and i have had my 2 plants for maybe 4-5 weeks and i topped them a little while ago and they have started their double stems and now for some reason they smell like ammonia but they are the greenest ive ever seen them and i was wondering if anyone else thats more experienced has had this problem.

  2. The plants are in a soil medium they are indoors i'm not sure about the ph or temprature i have a 125 watt bulb on them in probably 3-4 gallon pots their maybe 12-8 inches away from the plants and i have a small under the computer to cool down a laptop fan on them
  3. this is a picture of my room

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  4. if your ammonia smell is coming from the soil you probably have mold, whats the average humidity like in your grow box? if your plants are to wet constantly or humidity to high you can grow mold which will result in an ammonia smell. if it's coming from the soil then treat with a small flush with hydrogen peroxide watered down to a 3 to 1 ratio. this will kill any mold or bacteria...even good guys!
  5. I am actualy not sure how to make it humid its pretty dry but it is in my basement so that may be what the problem is and also if you look at the picture the plant on the left it's leaves are drooping down for some reason.
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    Holy Fuck i just went to go check on them and they were bent over and drooping down so i put them outside immediately is that mold or something else because they looked terible 
    I put the hydrogen peroxide solution in the soil once i got it outside and i just hope they return to health because ive been working on them for a while

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