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Strange smell, is it mold?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by OG Connoisseur, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. So a few weeks ago I completed my first grow. I had a male and female, decided to pollenate and make seeds so I won't have to buy more online.

    When I trimmed and dried the bulk of the herb I found a bit of mold, but I checked the rest and it looked fine. Well after drying it out and curing it in a mason jar for a few weeks it still just doesn't smell right. The strain is purple star and supposedly it has a lemon type smell to it but this is WAY too lemony.

    Now theres a lot to think about here so bear with me. I'm wondering if maybe this is the normal smell but because its seeded less THC makes it smell different, or maybe there is mold on it that I can't see???

    Second part of my question,

    When I smoke it I get a strange pain in my arm, and a few times I get a stomach ache. When smoking other sensi bud I get no stomach ache. The weed seems to get me pretty high but its not dense AT ALL I'm guessing this is because of the fact that its seeded. I gave it like 10 weeks flowering time. It also has a tendency to snap a bit when burning even after I take out seeds which makes me think I didn't flush it enough before harvest.

    So do you think there is mold, and do you think I didn't flush it well enough? Should I throw it out? I don't want to mess up my lungs.
  2. well if you found mold on it, it is very likely there are small amounts of mold on it that are invisible to the eye. as for the pain in your arm i dont know wat to tell you, that is very strange. is the bud completely dry?
  3. the longer you leave your bud to cure the more it will smell like wen you were growing it just be patient bro

  4. yup its dry

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