Strange Side effects from Using Drugs.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by LS Dj, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Has anyone used some kind of drug and had unusual side effects the next following weeks. If so, post your story below. Here is mine...

    About 6 weeks ago, on a friday nite, i dropped 4.5 bombs. there were quality MDMA. (Purple Whales). It was an amazing roll and i dont regret taking them in the least. The problem is, my left eye twitches on a daily basis.;) haha. Anyone know what i did wrong, or did i just use too much. I need Feedback. Thanks Guys!

    Peace, Love, And LSD!
  2. Feel Free To Comment And Leave Feedback! Thanks Everyone!

    Peace, Love, And LSD
  3. I know exactly what you did wrong
    Ruined a good pun, you said your left eye twitches but the smily you used is twitching his right eye. I want an explanation right now MR.?
    JK but that isnt uncommon after hard MDMA use because your body is completly drained after and this always happens to me after I roll like balls to the walls hard and it usually goes away in a week or 2.:wave:
  4. when i did salvia it left me in a mental fog, but other than that drugs are good.
  5. this usually doesn't happen but i managed to get 6 heads stoned as fuck off one gram even after i finished a bowl to myself. today, the after i feel so fucking dizzy and this usually doesn't happen :eek:

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