Strange Reaction To Weed?

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  1. I've been smoking weed for a while, and maybe once in a blue moon something like this happens.
    It'll always be some really good dank shit. "dro" or whatever. And anyways, I'll smoke some, and I'll be high, but it seems almost like I start having convulsions. My muscles relax and then tighten repeatedly, so that I'm shaking essentially. My legs and/or arms will jerk, uncontrollably, and I just have to ride it out.
    I've heard of other people getting the shakes, and I want to just attribute this to some really strong pot with heavy indica traits, but since this reaction is so rare, part of me wants to believe it was laced or something.
    Anyways, getting off topic. Anyone else ever feel like this? Just get really shaky? and I'm talking about pronounced jerks and twitches.
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    Maybe from your holding your hits in to long. when i first started smoking i had this happen a couple times my friends to. not exactly sure what its associated with, but most likely not laced.
  3. Sometimes. Usually when I'm just really, really high.

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