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Discussion in 'General' started by Mickey.T, Jul 4, 2002.


How Often Do You Change Your Bed Spreed?

  1. Once a week

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  2. Every 2 weeks

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  3. Every 3 weeks

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  4. Every Month

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  5. When i can be arsed

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  1. Very strange question i'm asking here but i think it will be interesting to see what people vote for.

  2. Whenever theres enough cum to harden it.
  3. ajhaaaha, dood, theres like, when the bedspread is all smellin like washer detergent whatever, them arte AGPPODDDDDDDDDDDGOOOOOOOOOOOD times!!! im dunk
  4. ha ha your drunk off miller and wine. I had margaritas and shots of tequila ha ha ha

  5. Same here, Critter. My big dog, Chance, jumps up in bed anytime he can. He'll lay his big ole' head down on the pillow and sleep until I put him out. I prefer the fresh detergent and fabric softener smell to dog anyday.
  6. Yes! Fabric softener is sweeeeeeeeeeeet.
  7. I am a young student so erm... when I can be arsed
  8. Once a week! I like things to be fairly fresh!!!!!!!!!
  9. Probably because of laziness about once every week and a half. But we wash it with the chammomile stuff that makes it softer and the chommomile does something to calm.


  10. love the poll. excellent use of peoples time. :D

    i chose when i can be arsed... you don't wnat to know how long.

  11. Same here digit....init great to be lazzy :)

  12. Whenever it smells so bad that the smell alone gets me higher than weed..
  13. i'm allergic to the cat so once a week, week & a half, otherwise the allergy gets REALLY obvious and my eyes puff up and i go into rampants of sneezing.

    IceCreamKidd what is this chamomile stuff you speak of?? It sounds nice where do you get it?
  14. You have to do that?! Well, I think I may have to do that sometime... It's been about 2-3 weeks I think. EWWWW

  15. lol...

    i was thinking along these lines..after everytime my girlfriend comes to visit, gotta give em a good spin in the washer...

    and living at the beach doesnt help, lol, sometimes it just becomes a pain in the ass to keep the sand off the bed man!!! soooooomehow it just gets there..(ok, enough drunken nights on the beach for me)

    but then of course, gotta wash em before the girl gets here too ;)

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