Strange problem thats got me stumped

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by slothfactor, May 23, 2006.

  1. Have a look at these photos and let me know if you have any ideas. This ones got me stumped. Its not neutrient issues or dificiencies (pH and EH are normal). I think its some sort of pest????

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  2. What are we looking at? Those twisted leaves? What grow medium are they in? Looks like soil but, I can't be sure. When you say ph is normal, what is it exactly? How much, what type and how often you fertilizing?

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  3. Look at the leaves which are chronicly twisting. Other symptoms include small dead patches on leaves (necrosis).

    pH ranges between 6.2 to 6.4.
    Growing medium consists of layers
    the top layer is kick arse compost.
    the bottom layer is clay balls for drainage.
    I dose neutrients when required which is approximatly twice a week.
  4. Yeah.
    I see the twist. Your ph is fine therefore I don't know why they are twisting. I will tell you this; I have seen worse twisting than this and I would not worry about it too much. Maybe you can PH the runoff water. If it is lower than the 6.2 than you are starting to see nute lockout from too low a ph. But, like I said it is not bad so I wouldn't worry over her too much.
  5. smkn is right, unless you see more twisting leaves i wouldnt worry about it
    sometimes there is a mutation where leaves twist like that

    but im curious how much ferts are you using and what kind?

    you say 2 times a week? how much dosage at each feeding?

    oh, and another thing..... what size pot s are these in? and how big is the plant
    looks from that angle in the picture your most likley near rootbound need to get them into some bigger pots

    12 in tall plants = a minimum of 1 gallon size pot for good root growth and healthy plants

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