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  1. I was hoping somebody could shed some light on the strange appearance of this plant. This plant is one of my first in a bubble bucket and all the other ones I have done in buckets seem to be looking normal. This plant has looked odd since it sprouted. The leaves are all roundish without pointed tips. They also have a sort of waxy appearance. It showed sex really early like 17 days old. It was only vegged for about a week, and has been in the flower stage for about 12 days and looks like this now. Only nutes it has been given is GH Flora Nova Bloom...Other than it's strange appearance it is an otherwise very healthy plant and is thriving. I have not been able to see another plant like this anywhere else so I figured maybe its either some genetic mutation or we have fecked it up somehow...:smoking: Anybody ever seen a plant that looks like this?

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  2. doesn't look too strange although i see what you mean.

    let it keep growing and keep posting pics. if this IS a genetic mutation (which i highly doubt). it could be one of the coolest plants any of us has ever seen. Could produce something like an unreal amount of THC or strange colored buds.

    keep postin pics brotha
  3. Has it even occured to u that maybe its not even a marijauna plant? lol
  4. If it wasn't flowering then i would think this too.

    Must be some kind of hybrid gone wrong....i really don't know.
  5. I'm sure i've seen some lowryder's that have gone like this, Thick leaves and sort of crumpled up.
  6. Haha, got you guys, it's a basil x tomato hybrid I will use in all my gourmet pasta sauces! :p No for real though this baby is a weirdo plant for sure then. I really thought more people would say they saw something like this before. Haven't been growing long and I have already had a triploid and this plant. The seed came from a handful of assorted seeds from an experienced grower acquaintance. It is cannabis though!!!
  7. Thanks for clearing that up, i was wondering if i was losing my mind cuz i didnt reconize it, whew, I'm not that old :hello:
  8. No, I know it's hard to read dripping sarcasm but I was joking.... this is cannabis. Then again I guess maybe you were joking back with me but I don't think it's possible to cross an herb with a fruit :D Here's some more pics of the unique looking plant.

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    Nope hate to sat but i wasn't being sarcastic, I really didnt reconise it. What is this strain if ya dont mind me askin?

    Now that i seen them enlarged i guess i can see it in it but the leaves still look wide and round to me, i never claimed i was perfect so I just really feel stupid now.
  10. To be honest, those leaves look great. They just seem like they love to be alive lol.

    Aren't the white things were talking about here actually calyxes?
  11. I have seen weed grow single blade leaves before, I usually see this happen when there is not enough light... but I could be wrong :smoking:
  12. the plant looks good.. I dont see much wrong with it. Id remove the big water leaves. you have a lot of smaller leaves that dont look to be getting alot of light. I hope it grows you a fat cola up top....
  13. damn never seen anything like that before. mabey a cannabis/tomato hybridyou will have buds and THC infused fruit lol
  14. i've seen some weird plant growth, but not like that. it's gonna be cool seeing what it turs out like. maybe your on you way to making a plant easyer to hide.

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