Strange Pill...need help IDing

Discussion in 'General' started by PassIt!, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. I found 50 pills in a unmarked pill bottle. The pills are round and white with the markings B418 on them any help would be appreciated

    Sorry if this is wrong forum I didnt know where else to post
  2. it just says b418 on one side not just 418? I cant find anything in the pill identifiers
    fyi, round white and 418 on one side, though the image has watson on the other side it cyclobenzaprine, a muscle relaxant - 10 mg

    and yes, this belongs in the general section of the forum
  3. possibly ridalin or diet pills
  4. what makes you say that? jw
  5. Im not sure either -
  6. is a good place to look too I have no clue dude never saw any like that
  7. Well, number 1 - The only way you're going to get a 100% answer of what it is, is to take it to a lab. Even if you posted pictures, there is no way to determine what it is for sure, even if someone could tell you what it probably is. And, even if we could tell you for sure, we definitely wouldn't be able to tell you the dosage strength.

    Number 2 - Since you're posting this on this forum, I'm assuming you want to figure out what it is so you could possibly get high off of it. Taking any of these pills would really, really be a poor idea.

    Please realize, I'm not advising you to take this pill bottle to a lab. You should probably throw them away.

    If you have cool parents, you could possibly ask them what it is, as it could possibly belong to one of them.
  8. Very true pills aren't really worth it unless you know for sure what it is by prescriptions. They really aren't worth it that way either except for the one in a while use.

    Thats just my view on it, but idk what it is either.
  9. well i just asked my wife, she's a pharmacist, and she says that it could literrelly be anythingt liekly a generic marking code that is never accessible to the public. So ya, pitch em. or better yet put them in a garbage disposal so some kid doesnt find them and post asking what they are...
  10. cyclobenzaprine is nice lol i have a r><
  11. im still not sure - maybe its an E pill

    Your Unknown pills can be searched for on Google.

    there are many sites to choose from, if you think there not on there. i assure you they are, even dog medications :) so search before you pop or ask
  13. Give it a lick, if it's extremely bitter/sour then it's good to pop!
  14. Honestly, what the fuck makes you say that? There is nothing logical behind you saying that.

    I can't find anything on the pills, I'd say pitch 'em.


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