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Discussion in 'General' started by Kerouacian, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Okay I want to know if anyone has ever experienced this or something else equally strange: It's happened like four times to me, I'll be driving down a fairly busy road and stop at a red light. The light turns green but no one moves, I start to drive and look back yet still no one behind me or in the other lane has budged. I've also had it happen where I see a green light up ahead and everyone at it is stopped and I just drove right through. It's fucked.
  2. What the hell man, that's never happened to me, ever.
  3. maybe your were just trippin balls
    and the lights really didnt change?
  4. No man, I don't drive when I'm tripping. I was pretty baked the first couple times it happened so I kinda made myself forget about it, then it happened to me sober and I couldn't ignore it anymore.
  5. that's nuts dude
    next time it happens you should just stay put with everyone else
    maybe it's a sign?
  6. Well if I'm already stopped and it turns green I instinctively start moving. But if I happened up on it and I stopped at a green then everyone moved I'd feel like an ass crack.
  7. I havent seen anything like that..but I have seen something quite odd and eeirey..

    ive seen several people, men and women break down and cry for no apparent reason..

    it happened again tonight, our cooridinator was just going around doing her job, when she just started crying...

    ive seen people in their cars the line at the grocery store..
  8. Maybe there were emergency vehicles (cops, firetruck, ambulance) heading towards the intersection. I notice that sometimes when it turns green, I start goin and no one else moves. Im like wtf? Then I notice some sirens pass through lol
  9. dude, you might be becoming color blind or something...or maybe you always catch the light when it has just changed...who knkows :confused:
  10. I think I'm going to start doing this to people late at night.
  11. maybe people are cautious/ defensive drivers so they like to take a look to make sure some asshole isn't running a red light before driving blindly into an intersection. I've seen some AWFUL accidents because people trusted lights and didn't take a second or two to look.....
  12. Well I know I'm not going color blind, as for the other suggestions, who knows. When it happened I always looked every way to see if any police or ambulances or something were coming. Nothing. Just people stopped at a green light. And Melkor, that is pretty strange too. What if the unexplainable events that happen on Earth are all connected? Twilight Zone shit right there.

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