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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Happyman420, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Good evening GC.:wave:

    So here's what's up. I am wondering if any of you have heard of a philosophy, belief system, book, article, anything at all that may share the following perspective on "life."

    I feel as if my mind has evolved but my body has not. I recognize myself, my family, friends, and others as human beings, but only as human beings. I recognize that we are all mammals living in a space with other mammals, and other animals, and it seems so pointless to me.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying life is pointless let's all drink kool aid:eek:
    What I feel, is that I am already connected to a greater essence, that is beyond our limited senses. Similar to the cells that make up our bodies, but only in concept. So why do I matter? If I am just a "cell" with over 6 billion more like me. I feel like none of "life" matters really, and that is exactly why it is so beautiful. We are just given a certain amount of time to be aware of our human bodies.

    But my mind is different, I see my physical body, and know I must reside in it until my mind, or my soul, whatever it is that makes up my sense of individuality, can get out.

    Maybe then I'll be reconnected, or have a new awareness. I do not believe in heaven or hell. I think everything at it's deepest level is all one thing, and the differences make up the whole.

    But why then do I have a sense of individuality?:confused:

    With this belief you might ask, well why are you asking us for help if were "outsiders." And my answer to that would be that your not an outsider. You are another part of my essence, that I am not aware of, and you are not aware of my connection to you either.

    All of this may seem jumbled, but I had to get my idea out best I could.

    Language sucks because I cannot accurately, truly, and precisely express my feelings to another, with only twenty six letters and ten digits.
  2. yeah man i have the my thoughts are the same, as yours man. like i tell every one that god is not as described by humans, but its a solid entity. we are are connected to infinity all particles created and in existance and non existance are all rubbing against us connecting us together as on solid entity, because nothing is only a perception of the human brain, and true nothing doesnt really exist.
  3. these the thoughts the weed pull outta me
  4. Hey mayn, You're me and I'm you and she is him and everything is everything but nothing is everything and everything is nothing yet nothing is nothing :D

    Sum quote I read on here a while ago I can't remember who by and exactly how it goes but here it is as I remember:

    You look up at the universe and see this huge, infinite thing that is just so big and huge. The universe looks sown at you and says "what are you compared to me, you are just a speck."
    You look back up at the universe and say " but I am you."
  5. You are aware and apart of the moment OP. Every moment is individual. It is natural to feel a sense of individuality.

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