Strange perspective feeling.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Michaelrdnr, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. I was wondering if anyone has ever had this feeling.
    About a year and a half ago, I was a completly different person than I am know. This past year has been filled with revelations and apiphonies too the point of where Im so mixed up with my thoughts, that its hard to distinguish what I should believe in. So, right now I have a completly different perspective on things. Things seem far different from what they used to, I have different feelings towards things, different ideas, ect. The wierd part is that my old perspective still lingers. It's like I have a dual perspective thing going on. It feels wierd because my old perspective would mock my new perspective, and visa versa. It makes me feel like im contradicting myself. Its like having two sets of eyes, and I can use which ever pair when I feel.
    You would think that after a long time of being a different person, or having a new perspective, that the old one would just fade, and be forgotten. How can one perspective remember yet another perspective?

    Another odd feeling that I have been having is a deathly feeling. Atleast once every two weeks or more, I have one dream where I die within it. Each death is completly different, whether it be brutal or calm. I have had so many dreams of myself dieing now, that I have the strangest feeling, like I have actually died before, and that I know what its going to be like.
    I was listening to some guy talk about death, and he was saying that its like waking up from a dream, that when you die, you wake up as your true self and remember that physical life was just a different dimension like illusion. Now that he has said that, I've developed yet another strange feeling, a feeling that has happened to me before. It's not only a feeling, but it feels like a distant memory. :smoking:
  2. I don't think your perspective or feelings are strange at all. I think most people go through a "stage" where their minds become more open to other possibilities in life, or this so-called place. There is so much that we don't know. For all anyone knows, the dreams that we have could be our real "life," while when we're awake, it's an illusion. Who knows. Interesting stuff though. :rolleyes:

    I wish I knew. That would be a good trip...HA :p
  3. this life is your reality, this is the life intended for you to live....thinking things like you're in a dream, or youll wake up to your real self when you die, etc. is irrelevant since your efforts should go towards living this life, its all there may ever be.
  4. I can identify with this because my perspective and overall worldview has shifted radically over the past year. Having just completed my first year of college I see myself as a much different person than I was one year ago at this time. This was mainly brought about by experiences I had at college, primarily being introduced to psychedelics and forming many friendships that have become much more meaningful than any I had in the past. When many of the radical changes in my perspective took place, most notably after my first LSD experience, I recall feeling very out of sorts for a period as I tried to make sense of new, unfamiliar events.

    Having gotten over this transitional period myself, it sounds like the confused feeling you are having right now has been brought about mainly by trying to cleanly divide your perspective into old and new. The notion that you are able to "choose" between old and new perspectives is creating a false sense of duality. I now see perspective as a single, ever changing concept. Although a period of radical change in perspective creates significant contrast between past and current ideas, they are still not separate. The best advice I can give you to overcome the confused feeling is to focus only on your present perspective, as that is the only relevant one now. Continuing to focus on the thoughts of the person you used to be compared to who you are now will only get you stuck in the past. Hope I could help.
  5. That was very helpfull man. I've been thinking of my perspectives as a solid sort of self morality, but perspectives don't have ends or beginnings, just checkpoints.
  6. Oh of course. The thought doesn't depress me at all. I still plan on living my life to its greatest capability, its just that the feeling is unearthly.

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