strange new growth, droopy and kinda twisted

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  1. 2 plants are about 5- 6 weeks old maybe younger, the growth up until about 4 days ago has been steady. About a foot tall, ( bushy, indica). Fanstatic green with fan stems with a purplish tint, strong main stalk.

    This is a soil, peat moss, lavarock mix for medium.

    The issue started as the entire plant started to droop. ( both ). I think I thought i waited too long to water. Like a week. Top was dry as a bone, down to an inch below started to feel some moisture i think, lol but not much.

    I watered, but the plant didn't respond as quickly as I'm used to. The lower fans perked up some in about 24 hours, but still not looking their best. Also the uppers are still droopy, and the new growth (which is a lot) is not coming in uniform. and i have a few leaves that are twisted a little out of symmetry.

    The plant at the top is like one internode after the other, stacked really close, like its growing too fast.. and the leaves look like butterfly wings that just came out of caccoon, a little lighter cause brand new leaves, but not standing out christmas tree like. Like they are trying to fold out and cant expand fast enough. its weird.

    I am on 24 hrs of light with 6 T12's ( gro lux, mixxed with daylight 6100's and some 4100's plenty of ventilation, a little on the cool side as of last week.. and 65 - 75 daytime, 58- 68 night. temp.

    I just gave first nute feeding 1/4 strength mg all purpose today. I used MG potting mix 50% with topsoil and lavarock. So the MG had some nutes in the soil for the start.

    If im deficient nute wise hopefully they will respond to todays feeding. But my guess is that my particular strain is being picky about light cycle.

    I read somewhere that if the plant grows faster than the root system the leaves will respond by drooping, trying to get less light. ? Anyone hear of this. I see roots coming out of bottom of buckets already. 2.5 and 3 gallon pots. I was thinking about setting them on top of a bubble tray lol, andone ever do that ha! And letting them roots take off through the buckets. Anyways I'm on 24 hours of light, and am thinking about trying the 18 - 6
    and seeing how they respond.

    Any comments would be great. Specifically about the weird new assymetrical growth. By no means are they deformed to crazy proportions just coming in weird and droopy like.

    argg, I need a couple seeds.. I think i have a crappy strain with shit genetics, since this is my second go round with these oddballs. F1 hybrid, sweetgod from BCbudonline. Ive heqard some not so great things about these folk.

    P.s. I have a 600 watt hps waiting to fire up whenever i need it.
  2. hard to say, your post leeds one to believe your letting it get to a point where its always suffering waiting for water, you may have hurt the plant with your neglect

    droop can be from rootbound
    the Miracle grow soil they are in most certainly coud be an issue, usually is a problem with anyone that uses it
    you didnt need to feed those young plants so soon the soil contains nutes that are pre-added

    Nitrogen toxicity also is a major cause for droop, although this a different droop than lack of water
    what you describe about the close growing nodes sounds like the plant maybe stunting, which also can occurr from ferts overdose (toxicity)

    transplant to good soil may infact solve all your issues, and most certainly will be beneficial regardless, MG soil & weed dont get along well
  3. thanks for the reply Ganja, was hoping you'd see this. I have def heard around the posts to avoid the MG soil, but these 2 plants took off like gangbusters. I have the soil cut to a 50 50 mix with non MG soil, just organic with no added nutes, i was hoping i could get the best out of it this way, and for a while it seemed so. I read that lakc of light could cause some drooping and stagnation as well, so I just turned on the 600 hps with a T12 unit on either side angled inwards. The 600 is up higher than I would if flowering like say 18, 20 " and its pretty cool with our temps dropping fast so I think the extra heat could help. I'll give it a couple days and see where I'm at, if no response I'll repot in new soil, bigger containers. Last time i tried to repot the root system was so developed I had to repot entire pot, was like a dense mass of roots. hardly any soil fell away even with a flush. Do you recommend a soil they may sell locally? I don't like going into grow shops and really hate ordering on the web although i have in past.. Thanks
  4. black gold & fox farms are good soils
  5. note: these plants have not been over watered, and had a good watering 3 days ago.

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  6. Honestly, looks exactly like my plants of the same indica nature looked when they didn't have enough water.

    I fed them enough water to drip through the bottom and make a nice little water pool. The next morning they looked the healthiest they've ever looked. I believe it may be better to overwater, than underwater .. you'll only have problems with overwatering if your soil turns to mud, or and your room is too humid (cause root rot, possibly?).
  7. I'm pretty sure the root systems are healthy, since over the last couple days I've seen new, bright white roots emerging from the bottom of my pots. i keep the pot slightly elevated from the surface since the pots are flat on the bottom, and the last time i watered 3 days ago I had runoff coming out the bottom.

    Years back the bagseed was so easy. Kept it simple and never had any problems at all. These are the first indicas I've attempted, the seeds I got were from a seedbank. 6 total plants and not much success, the last go round I tried to remedy the ailments with various tactics only to end up with yellowing plants, ....I just decided to shove them out in the wilderness and let nature take over lol.
  8. When I planted in soil I didn't transplant quick enough. It looked almost like all roots. I just stuck the it in a 5 gallon bucket and filled around the root mass. The plants did great. Problem with a rootbound plant is they need lots of water. Bigger pot means fewer watering trips. That is my limited experience.

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