Strange Mutation Or Plants Being Eaten?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Drifter210, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Neem Oil is your friend ...1x time per month regardless, to avoid moments like
    But not too close to harvest as is an acquired taste
  2. I've also heard that neem helps plants to uptake nutes. So, it's a win win.
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    You have bugs eating them and your leafs are drooping from over watering most likely. I have used a lot of different soils from the nursery and hydro stores and no matter what they claim, they always have bugs.
    The eggs hatch a few days after the first watering. If you look under the leafs with a magnifier you may see the bugs and the eggs. They like the brand new growth in the middle that's why the fan leaves grow to look mutated.
    Neem oil was for preventative use as was posted earlier. I use ortho flower and plant insect killer from home depot. It comes in a green one gallon container and has a yellow spray handle. I highly recommend it. I have used it for years. I don't even wait to see bugs any more. I just spray 3 days after I transplant and water the soil for the first time and then I spray again 3 days later and I never see bugs. If I don't do this I always see bugs. I use fox farms and it always has bug.
    You have to spray under the leafs also. This is very important since that is were the bugs and eggs live.
    Also you have a major drooping problem. Maybe thats because you just watered, but if its like that all the time then you should be concerned about the roots. Over watering is one of the number one problems next to too much nuts.
    good luck
  4. Thanks for the replies fellas I'll try pick up some neem and some insect killer. It's strange that its only started to happen in the last week or so  as all my lower leaves are fine??
    So do you think I need to transplant then or just use the insect killer?
    Also, regarding the droopyness, that's probably because i give the branches a gentle push to try and coax them into growing more outword rather than upwards...I don't have much vertical space left in my grow space...Not sre whether that is an ok thing to do but they seem to have filled out more since doing so?
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    No don't transplant. Then you would just get more bugs from the new dirt. The eggs come with the new dirt then they hatch after the first watering, then they crawl up to the top fresh tasty new grow and start eating and laying eggs under the top leafs.
    After spraying twice you should not have any problems unless you transplant into a bigger container with new dirt. Then do what i do. Just spray 3 days after the first watering and then another 3 days after that and you should never see bugs.
    You plants definetely are over watered and if you don't stop your roots will go no where.
    Then you will start to show deficiencies and then all the dumb PH Nazi's on this site will tell you that its a PH problem and to flush your soil to measure run off and then your plants will get worse. 
    Over watering is a major problem for beginners The signs are that the fan leafs droop and the surface of the fan leafs are wrinkly, not smooth. I looked close at the pics and the surface of you fan leafs are definitely wrinkled.
    Never water until you absolutely have to. Especially in the beginning so the roots grow to look for water and you build a good root system. If you don't stop over watering then the roots will not grow into the container and eventually at some point The plants will start to poop out.
  6. Hey, thanks for the advice,
    I bought some Provado Ultimate Fruit & Vegetable Bug Killer 1L from the local hardware store and gave each plant a spray to the leaves and underside so will see how it goes. My missus noticed this morning a little dead fly on one of the leaves, so I guess it works!
    I asked about the wrinkly leaves in some earlier posts and was told its probably a nute deficiency or a trait of that strain? So I went out and bought BioBizz Try Pack nutes, ph up/down solution and a digital ph meter. On average I'd say I water the plants twice a week, or if the top inch or so of water is reasonably dry. I use my nute/water solution balanced to around PH6.5 and left out for 24hrs+ before watering. Each plant generally takes about 3 pints (1.5ltr) before I get run off. My run off was about PH6.0-6.3
    Do you think i should lay off the watering now and leave until say friday? or longer?

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