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Discussion in 'General' started by Foreman, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. one of my favorite munchies and also a family recipie from when my mom was a kid, might not sound to appealing at first but if you tried it you'd change your mind.

    peanut butter and bacon sandwich.:D

    step 1) fry bacon perfectly. not to burnt/crisp, not to undercooked.
    step 2) toast bread. i prefer wheat but use what ayou like.
    step 3) wait for toast to cool a little then spread peanut butter on both slices. you dont want the toast to hot or else the PB will melt.
    step 4) place bacon evenly on one piece of toast. and close sandwich.
    step 5) eat it and be amazed.

    it tastes so god damn delicious that i had to share with you all. and i dont know why i havent before. just try it you wont be disappointed.

    what are some strange munchies that you guys have had?
  2. one munchy me and my friend made up was take the food called "munchies" and mix it with fruit loops.

  3. you mean those tater tot things?
  4. has any one seen the movie spanglish with adam sandler hes a cook and he makes osme sandwich with eggs bacon tomato i dunno wht but ive been craving that thing since ive seen the movie i gotta make one soon n i gotta try that pb n bacon sandwich it sounds good to me prolly taste even better imma go home smoke a joint and make it CANT WAIT!!!
  5. Yessss.....peanut butter and bacon is DELISH! We usually have it on a bagel. Creamcheese and bacon on a bagel is also awesome!

  6. thats two that like it, you guys have forced me to try it, even though it sounds pretty bad.
  7. you mean a BLT
  8. blt- bacon lettuce tomato
    eggs bacon tomato
  9. I know it sounds gross....but the sweetness of the peanut butter goes REALLY well with the saltiness of the bacon...yummmmmm!!!

  10. DUDE!!! my dad ussed to own a store and that was his special he made, they are soo fuckin good dude ahahhaa i have been eating them since i was 5!!!!

  11. ME TOO! man thats crazy.
  12. If y'all have the same blood type...i'd start askin questions!

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