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Strange Looks?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CannabisC420, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Do you guys ever get the evil eye from a cashier when you pick up the eyedrops/lighter/papers combo? This happened to me for the first time today. If he wanted to toke he couldve said so... :D
  2. Haha all the time bro x) i've picked up a chick that way :D I went in super high with red eyes. she noticed and long story short I picked her up after work and hot boxed my car :)

  3. awesome
  4. if you ditch the eye drops, you may not get so many
  5. lol well i dont buy eye drops or anythin but when ever i get a bad look i return that same look right back at the person
  6. Haha yea bro I always make new friends when I look super stoned. :D
  7. I don't care about the looks, I mean who the fuck cares?
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    nah man.. I don't ever care... besides, wtf else am I gunna do with a pack of wraps or a sweet. I don't do the eyedrops though, I don't give no fucks.

    When I get the stink eye I try to smile, wave, and say hello. Just to fuck with them. If they give you the eye its cuz they wish they were balls deep in mary jane like you.

  9. pretty much lol 14 year olds might but i'm an adult and there's no reason i'm not aloud to buy eyedrops, papers, and lighter.. :smoking:
  10. #10 The Golden Spiral, Jan 10, 2013
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    Hahaha yeah! their reactions are priceless, they are like what the fuck?

    And to making friends it does always happen when you are super baked. Last year,a couple of times i went out after doming joints and homeless dudes start talking to me.

    One in the bus stop, we talked about the universe, eclipses, albert einstein, and cellphones. :confused:We shook hands and all, I was with my friend, we couldn't wait to wash our hands hahaha it was a very funny experience.

    The other time one just started talking to me on the street, i was walking, he talked to me about how he always saw me skating(i don't skate), etc etc. He was really chill, but I was on a hurry so we didn't talked more than a minute.

    Another time at the headshop, around here headshops are the coolest, they are all stoners and you ask for whatever you want,everybody knows it's not for tobacco use, they are rasta themed and all, i love it, now back to it, this dude who was really baked with super puffy eyes and all (imagine a really high stoner whiteboy(no racism intendedit's just how it was) went up to me and we started talking about legalization and all the good shit that comes with it in the middle of the headshop, really funny.:p

    I don't care if you care about my stories, i just wanted to tell them:wave:

  11. haha this.

    When walking on the street and people stare at you like if you were some sort of demon be cause you're 'on marijuanas' I look back to them and smile. It shows them that you can be a happy person and it doesn't mean you are bad at all. It's just something you I choose to do.
  12. I apologize for the long writings, I'm on this shit that makes me talk non stop. Super skunk. Shit is good :bongin:

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