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  1. So I know about one called duck foot.
    I'd like to know about any strains known to be unusual to look at.
    Throw 'em up.
  2. The red family strains from sweet seeds. They are comopetely purple to red, but unfortunaly autoflower,
  3. Is this the same Duck's Foot, we can have him for dinner but I'm not cooking;)...
  4. I have heard of that one I think it's called Frisian Duck very wierd looking plants indeed! Another odd one you could look up is ABC (Australian Bastard Cannabis).
  5. They have a company in Canada called dragon strains. They specialize in red strains.
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    No point even reading up on ABC, it's just bastardized weed with no THC in it worth mentioning.
  7. Check out Dr Grinspoon.


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  8. Ducks foot is the original strain with frisian duck being a cross between the mention and diafems frisian dew.
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  9. Be very careful with any stringy bud mutation strains. They're neat to look at and known for high THC content, but also almost always hermi. So you don't want to grow them around anything you don't want seeded.

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