Strange Looking Plants (Pic)

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    I took some clones from a plant that was budding and eventually they sprouted roots.  I had them under 24 hour light for about 2 weeks.  After that I planted them and continued to keep them under 24 hours light for another 2 weeks.  The plants seemed to thrive but they never really went into full veg I don't think as the have always shown "hairs" as if they were starting to bud.  For the last 2 weeks they have been outdoor and will remain outdoor.  To me they just look funny...unlike anything I've grown myself.  They look like big stretched out buds waiting to fill in.  Is that what's happening?
    Thanks in advance for any info!


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  2. It would be best to clone off of this plant and grow out that clone. Reveging a plant seriously reduces your yield.
  3. You sure that's not a male?
  4. that thing looks like it has balls! can u do a closeup?
    btw 24/0 lighting then putting it outside, will put it back into flowering lol

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