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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by j88671, Apr 30, 2002.

  1. hey, there has been, at least on my computer, a problem with the login.... i have my "remember me" thing so im autologged every time i come here, but resently when i vist the forum home page it logges me in as:
    Welcome back, Hankie
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    and then sometimes:
    Welcome back, Amanita
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    im the only one who uses this computer and im thining there is some problem with cookies or somthing.... its not a big deal for me, i just log in as myself, but i could cause problems with the users which people might get logged on as>>>> just giving you a heads up, peace<
  2. SJ has put up a bulliten stating that there are problems with e-mails. This problem may be mixed in with the logins and pm's. He said that the problem should be fixed by the end of the week.

    If the problem consist after that time frame let us know and we'll get SJ's attention.
  3. make sure you are accepting cookies
  4. Amanita, check out your outbox. I had the same issue before, and found the culprits lying in my outbox. There may be some other problem, but check it out anyway.
  5. just found out how to fix the om thing it was doing the same thing to me when you click read pms and it says no new pms do you see the drop down box go to that and click on sent items it counts every pm you have replyd to as a pm

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