Strange lights in the sky!?

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  1. Im sure you have all heard about the "strange light" sightings at some point. But whats even more strange to me, is that it seems like they are becomming more frequent. My friend just told me he saw lights that looked EXACTLY like the one in the first vid.

    I dont doubt him, because ive seen lights that looked exactly like the one in the third vid.

    Have any of you guys seen strange lights? What do you thing they are? ARE WE ALL GOING TO DIE:eek:!!!???

    [ame=]YouTube - Strange light over Al-Aqsa Mosque Dome of the Rock Jerusalem| Some calling this UFO[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Same UFO from Jerusalem now in Utah - Utah News January 2011[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - NEW UFO caught - strange lights in the sky 1 - ELMWOOD UK 2011 HD[/ame]

    Im getting pissed that i cant find any information about this, why does it seem like people are ignoring this?
  2. Sure, I've seen strange lights before.

    I've watched a lot of documentaries on this subject, and it really does seem like nobody pays real attention to it.

  3. Thats what bothers me the most. Im craving more information.

    Im desperate at this point, just give me opinions or anything you know GC.
  4. There are tons of good threads on this down in Pandoras Box. Lots of stuff in em to read.
  5. Are you fuckin retarded>? that third vid is just an airliner flying through clouds
  6. who cares as long as they dont take our jobs
  7. 1st one is so obviously fake.

    Like how all the lights in the first one are all like frozen but the UFO is the only one moving.

    [ame=]YouTube - HOAX! - Third View of UFO over Temple Mount in Jerusalem[/ame]
  8. If your looking for a decent UFO story look up an incident at O'Hair airport I saw a documentary on it and it was pretty intense took off the same way as thing in the first video

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