Strange Leaf Discoloration

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  1. Hi everyone was hoping someone might be able to tell me whats wrong with my plant. Its in soil it was a clone that i got from a friend. Latly shes been sick and has lost many leaves. I tired flushing her and then transplanting to a bigger pot a week later. Nothing has improved. The top growth is fine for the most part but it is quickly moving up the plant and a new coloration has appeared. Thanks for any help. Here are the photos.


  2. hi fentruck... Welcome to the City. In order for myself and other wonderful city members to help we need a little info on your project.

    plants age?

    Thanks and I'll bbs.
  3. Hi the soil is fox farms potting soil.
    I was using sugar peak nutes but i was not happy with them i just switched to fox farms nutes like a week ago.
    I'm not sure of the plants age its prolly about 2-3 months old its been vegged under cfl 24-0
    I was having problems with temps in my box during our recent heat wave. It holds at 75-85 now but spiked as high as 103 within recent weeks. The Humidity is about 40-50%. Thanks in advance.
  4. to rule out PH issues complete a soil runoff PH test.......
    with PH corrected water (6.5-6.8PH ) pour enough water in the pots so the water runs out the bottom of the pot ...collect & test the PH of this runoff water....

    IMO both nute choices are very weak in NPK values,especailly low in nitrogen for the veg cycle, feed it more or stepup in ferts choices

    Sugar Peak Vegetative
    NPK: 3-1-5

    Fox Farm Grow Big .
    NPK: 6-4-4

    I use Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food
    NPK: 24-8-16

    Vegatative cycle fertilizer
    Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food (they make several fertilizers be sure its this one)
    Fertilizer Analysis: 24-8-16 with micronutrients
    2 level "Teaspoons" per gallon of water, (reduce this by 50% first time application) use this as your water, feed every other watering till flowering
  5. If you're overwatered? Flushing will hurt more than help. Soil ph tester is in order.

    Your nutes are fine. GG neglected to tell you he uses that MG at his own disgretion and knows if you follow the label you'll kill your pot.

    edit. gl

  6. crawl back in your bottle,

    I neglected nothing, he has the exact amounts to use posted already, (2 level teaspoons per gallon) everyone knows already you start off with 1/4 strenghth and work up.

    try being helpful around here instead of a hinderance, focus on the sick plants , instead of on me all the time

  7. You are a death machine to weed.

    Who's everyone? I don't start w/1/4 nutes smartypants. I put 1/2 strenght in my mix. Then nute full on rest?
  8. The Ph of the run off nute water was 6.9-7
  9. Thats a lil high, you wanna shoot for 6.5. With a soil ph verging on 7, you are close if not already locking out Nitrogen.

    And miracle grow works just fine....
  10. your close enough and the nutes are going to be available at that PH,

    feed the plant
    I suggest you use the miracle grow with the high nitrogen content
  11. That's an outrageous statement to make since there are so many people on this board that credit GG with saving their plants, sometimes more than once. You don't have to be a genius to grow MJ but it is helpful to at least be able to read. GG posts exactly what his formula and dose recommendations are. Should he really feel responsible or care if someone buys the MG and follows the directions on the label instead of his instructions? I wouldn't think so. Why not just chime in and make the recommendation to follow GG's directions, not those on the product label?

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