Strange Leaf Curling / cupping PH ?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Mr.Smith, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. Seeds or clones, source? ~ Seed
    How old are the plants? ~ 3rd week of flower 12/12
    How big are the plants? ~ 3' Soil to top
    Lighting wattage & distance? ~ 400HPS 21" above
    Soil ingredients or hydro system? ~ Natural Soil from Garden (Very Hardy with natural worm cassings) + Perlite
    Container size? ~ 5G bucket ~Drain holes added
    Watering frequency? How do you judge this? ~ Every 3 Days / Weight
    Fertilizers used and how often? ~ Fish emultion once a week (Capfull per Gal )
    How do you ventilate the space? ~ Large Space Self Venting

    80-85º @ 60% humidity Light on

    60-65º @ 65% Dark

    This is a MOM

    She is VERY Healthy and Growing/Flowering Well

    No Yellow/spots/drying.....Etc...... Nothing just this Cupping going BOTH ways (Cupping under & over )

    This is on the newer Growth around the bud area

    I haven't Checked the PH of my tap water lately , but it is from a WELL and has always been Very nice

    Again, there is no discoloration or signs of anything, all the leaves feel nice and are a Nice Deep Green

    This is From BAG Seed and was Clipped for Clones

    They are Dark Green and feel like a nice paper

    Not Really Waxy looking but they are glossy kinda

    It is Growing Very well every day and the white hairs (pistills) are abundant

    How much do the Soil PH testers Cost ??

    I am on a pretty tight budget ......Can I use PH test kits (drops) for the water? ( Fish tank style? )

    I would hate to start having problems towards harvest

    PRolly PH eh?

    Thanks for your Thoughts

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  2. Pics taken yesturday

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  3. my indica cupped like that, exactly like that. i never could make a determination of what the problem was. and i never checked the pH and used tap water. the sativa never cupped like that and they both had identical soil mixes. both plants from bagseed. if you check pH please post your results. a kit should cost 10 bucks. get some listmus paper and water the plant, catch water run off and test.
  4. Your Indica.....

    How did it turn out overall ??

    Did the cupping mess it up?

  5. pictures of the harvest on my 20 day old pics thread, i even have pics of the similar type curl. no one ever gave me an answer to what it was, but all did suggest to check the pH, i didnt think that could be the problem because my sativa was in a similar soil mix with no problems. i think sativas like a more acidic condition where as indicas dont.

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