Strange high tonight

Discussion in 'General' started by McGriddle, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Tonight I smoked with two friends of mine (they're a couple). After dropping them off I began dwelling on the negative things in my life and the loneliness I was feeling. I came home, laid in bed and threw on some TV like any other night. Suddenly around a half hour ago I was hit with a sudden realization. I realized how mentally driven your attitude really is, rather than being controlled by the things going on around you. When things go bad you have the choice to try your hardest to make them better even when it seems hopeless. I wanted nothing more than to get up, clean the house, do some work for school, research things I wanted to know more about. It's such a positive high that makes me feel so much hope. I have no idea why, but it's just a perspective that has rushed over me. Positive vibes to everyone from a positive perspective.

    Hopefully I'm not just way too high.
  2. and THIS is the reason why weed fucking rocks :).

    that's so fucking true man, how you react to circumstances affects your happiness way more than the actual circumstances
  3. Yeah man its true. Also since you're not inviting people to bum you, is this the proper exodus back?
  4. i think if you burn enough trees a giant bear will come running out of the woods and smoke with Sasquatch in his hand made pine carved bong. The trick is the more weed you smoke the more likley your chances of seeing big foot are.

  5. yep :)

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