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  1. So im back today with another question from my buddy. He has a plant thats growing really weird and i had absolutely no explination to give. He said the plant was most likely root bound at one point, but even his clones from this plant come out growing the same way. One leaf of the pair grows big and str8 up until it falls over due to weight. The second leaf comes in tiny and never fully develops. Every main stalk on the mother is growing this way and his clones continue to grow this weird way too. Anyone know the problem?

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  2. Sounds like a stretching (lights too far away) or lack of stem stimulation (fan). How is he doing in both these areas?

    "It ain't going to grow itself"
  3. Both are covered well actually. Lights stay within a few inches of plant and he has an ocolating fan inside aswell as a desk fan. He said when the mother started doing it he also noticed she was rootbound. He repotted and still getting weird growth. I dont understand how it would still effect clones. He topped a clone and the new clone growth comes in the same way.
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    maybe reveg
    did the lights get interrupted or something? looks like it started to flower and then reverted back to veg (like it was in 12/12, for a few days and then somebody put it back into 18/6 or 24/0
  5. No from my understanding its a mother that stayed in the veg chamber 24-7. There is very little chance it started to flower. That wouldn't explain why the clones all seem to have the very same defect
  6. It the mother has that defect on her genes than the clones will differently have those .. Because they are genetically the same plant .. I'm sure you know this already . just my two sense

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    Yea he found out first hand, aside from the plant getting rootboud right about the time this happened, the plant for 3-4 months has grown absolutely normal

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