Strange Growing

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  1. I have a yard full of plants that started growing in December all by them selves.  I didn't plant anything, these just came up on their own from last years crop.  They have been growing fine until this last month.  Now all the plants that started budding are starting to grow more.  It looked like they only had a few weeks left to harvest and now they are growing again.  some of the leaves are curling up and the leaves that are new only have one leave, not the usual 5 or more "pot" leaves.  These are planted outdoors in soil.  I have no idea what they are.  I have been growing in this yard for 3 years and have never seen this type of growth before.  Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!
    100_3186.JPG 100_3187.JPG 100_3188.JPG 100_3189.JPG

  2. Looks like it's revegging to me , trim them up or pull them. Or ride it out
    And see what comes about
  3. Simple reveg....let them be and enjoy a bountiful harvest come thanksgiving

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