Strange Grass City Lag

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Skunky Monkey, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. So i have noticed that the when you scroll over someone's rep the titles don't show up, and when you scroll over a thread is doesn't show you the thread preview.

    Is this just me, is it happening to anyone else. :confused:

  2. im with you bruh.

    my other problems besides all this ones tho..

    is when i hit "LIKE"..

    it would load for so long.. then its there like i never hit it..

    so i hit it again nd it says "UNLIKE"..

    ahh. its getting me so frustrated sometimes..

    ok... most of the times..

  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean, when i click like it will load for ages and the it will say error occured :(
  4. Not happening to me. You've been around the city skunky monkey :D

    Rep titles show up really quick for me, as do thread previews. Maybe it's your browser?
  5. Yeh possibley my browser. :confused:

  6. hey skunky what browser are you using?

    iuno if that could be it.. seems everyone is havin trouble also.
  7. Use chrome, firefox sucks for it
  8. Grass city has been having all kinds of issues for me lately. I keep getting the time outs and its just REALLY slow.

    Its getting worse and worse it seams.

    GC fix yer shit!
  9. I'm using google chrome, i keep double posting and timing out, it's really strange and i think it's possibly Grass city not my browser, because it's happening to allot of people.
  10. im on firefox..

    nd im havong the same problem still.


    has to be on the GC side?
  11. Yep Im in firefox and Im having the same problems.

  12. This ^
  13. Slow as fuck for me.
  14. It's been really slow for me too, especially the past few weeks.

    It took a few minutes just to get into general feedback
  15. Im on safari and its also very slow today, and the like error is always happening it seems
  16. Grasscity mods... do yer fucking jobs and report this to the admin. Its been like a week since this shit started.

    Kinda sad when a site is makin money hand over fist and they cant even make sure their shit is running smoothly... Get off yer asses...

  17. I strongly advise you to watch your language. Keep in mind respect is a very important thing and when you don't respect other people you'll only receive similar responses.

    We are already aware of the issues. The problem is we are over using our current server. We will improve our servers however these require proper tests and a lot of plans. Our planned server upgrade will be on mid September
  18. I applied many changes to server and reconfigured some settings that should help with speed issues. It is not super fast right now but for me it is better then 15 minutes ago. Will continue checking additional optimizations that should assist till September this week.
  19. Did you consider it's not something they can just do :rolleyes: it takes time, like he said new servers dude that's going to take a long and cant be done in a week, even a month so i would watch what you say.

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