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  1. I started germinating two nex-gen Romulan seeds i got from attitude about six days ago. I took a tupperware container, cleaned it with rubbing alcohol, lined it with paper towels dampened with tap water and hydrogen peroxide (about 20-30 ppm) and couple days later had a tap root. so far so good. after that i started redampening with 1/3 strength technaflora grow nutrients and about 20 ppm H2O2 (note: the nutrient bottle calls for 1 part grow formula and 2 parts boost formula for a total of 600 ppm, ive been goin for 200 ppm with just the grow nutrient). since then the sprout has turned a greenish black with very fine white hairs growing. The main root is still white and looks healthy and is about 1-1.5 inches long and i can see the nub of a side root growing on both. The junction where the root meets the blackened part is a very small, slight reddish copperish color. I dont think its from a fungus since the sprout springs back to its upright position when i give it a slight bend and the root looks quite healthy. however the container does have a slight earthy smell. Also the seed shell has yet to be kicked off and it appears as though the first leaves under the shell are also black however i wont know till the seed shell is gone.

    tldr; started germinating, tap root appeared, began feeding 1/3 nutes, sprout blackened, wtf? :(

    My thoughts are
    a) too much nutrients (i have since started redampening only with tap water and 20 ppm H202 (my tap water is 75 ppm)
    b) got a fungus that somehow has cell walls impervious to oxygen's high electronegativity

    however since this is my first attempt I thought id check with more knowledgeable people

    thanks in advance
  2. did you put it in soil? after the root sprouts plant it in your medium, dont just keep it in a container and water it. your plant doesnt need nutes until it is 2-3 weeks old.

    you have no idea of what your doing, read the beginners guide to growing and germ stickys.
  3. thanks for being condescending, especially in the absolute beginners section. im not really using a medium, im using neoprene disks to keep the plants suspended over a channel of water in a pvc pipe in a NFT setup. I havent placed the plants into the channels because they havent gotten rid of their seed shell yet and i was wondering if anyone has any idea what the problem may be. I have read in multiple sources that using diluted nutrient can be beneficial. and yes i have read the germinating stickys however i am not using soil and i felt that uprooting the plant from the soil once it has sprouted its beginning leaves would cause damage to the root system, perhaps i was wrong but again, no need to be a dick about it, especially in the absolute beginner section.

    anyone else have any idea?
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    You're doing alot just to get a sprout.. What's with the nutes?

    Put them seeds in some damp paper towels inside tupperware, let em do their thing, then put em in soil. If you're using tap water, just let it sit out for a day before use

    EDIT: just read you're not using soil.. No idea what you got going on lol.. I'm still sure you don't need nutes for a sprout
  5. I would try putting the sprout in a small cup of pure perlite with the taproot facing down. Make sure you get the seed part of it about 1/4 inch below the surface. Cut a hole about 1 inch from the bottom of the cup, so it holds 1 inch of water instead of draining completely... (like a mini hempy bucket). Water with seedling strength nutes since there's no soil to provide any to the seedling.

    You can pull it out, rinse the roots and put it in your hydro system very easily once it has a few nodes and is established.

    It sounds like it should still be recoverable at this point. If not that, then maybe some rockwool would help?
  6. I got the idea for my set up from here, Marijuana Hydroponics , its also one of the places i read to use nutes in germinating. im using a setup very similar to the first description. I was able to save the sprouts (hopefully) by placing them into my clone bin, which is just one of those three gallon boxes with the snap on lid which i had cut holes into to fit the neoprene inserts and then filled with water and a couple drops of H2O2 and fed an airstone into. I put the two sprouts into this about an hour ago and already one of them is starting to shed its shell, however i can see that the first leaves are a very very dark green with patches of lighter green (although still pretty dark) all over. Hopefully they will survive to the morning.

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