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Strange experiences each time.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Evra, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. I made an account solely to talk about this. I've been really disturbed and afraid and there aren't many people around who I can talk to about this topic. I can delve into more of my experiences if people are interested, but it's the last one that really warped my sense of reality in a major way (and I ended up getting hurt pretty badly because of it).

    I had smoked weed a few times before. It had never been a great experience for me. Turns out I have a certain gene (I found out about this after the fact) that's active, where if you ingest THC, even the tiniest amount can give you extremely strong psychosis, essentially the worst kind of trip. I have a good friend who was an avid smoker, and I was hanging out with him on 4/20 this year, and I said "screw it, I'll take a hit or two. I'm in a safe place with someone I trust." Turns out it was a terrible, terrible idea. I took one quick hit off the joint, exhaled after about a half second. Then I put it down. Less than a minute later I regretted it. I felt my heart speed up until it felt like it was buzzing inside my chest. Then the psychoactive effects started. It's hard to describe everything I felt, but I'm going to try to talk about the most constant feeling I had the entire time (this time). At first I let my friend know that I didn't like how I felt. I'm a very very deep, logical thinker. I always have been. I usually analyze a situation several different ways, from all points of view, if I can. Somehow, weed makes my thoughts much faster, much slower, and much louder, all at the same time. And normally when you don't want to think about something, you can simply push it to the back of your mind and distract yourself with something else and forget about it. When I smoke weed, it's like I'm having all of these thoughts at the same time, and they usually start repeating themselves over and over. To the point where I can't really focus on any one thing because I'm stuck so deep inside my own head.

    The scarriest part, other than losing control over my own thoughts, was the very very strong sensation that I had, and I know it makes no sense. It felt like I suddenly understood what reality was. Not on some spiritual level, but truly understood it. In that moment, life is just an endless loop we can never break out of. Suddenly it felt like I had already done this exact same stuff, multiple times, thousands upon thousands of times before, and I felt like I knew exactly what was going to happen next. I looked over at my friend and in my super high state it seemed like he knew exactly what I was feeling. It felt like we are all born, live our lives, and die, then are reborn and do the exact same stuff, over and over, forever. It wasn't an idea, it was a tangible fact that I absolutely was sure of. I tried to use my logic tricks to tell myself I was just high, but they didn't work. Nothing seemed to matter anymore. And the urge I had to continue the cycle (because in my brain it felt like "last time you were alive you discovered this too, and each time you discover the secret, you immediately die and start over. Because to NOT start over immediately would drive you crazy with the knowledge you now have"). I know this sounds nuts. But the next thing I did was even more nuts. I walked over to my friends balcony (we were on the 3rd floor), and jumped off. When I woke up in the hospital, my friend said I did it completely casually, like it was the most natural thing to do. He said I stood up, walked outside without saying a word, like I was going out for a cigarette, and just casually hopped over the railing. He said he thought he just watched me die. Luckily, I didn't. I only had some messed up feet for a month or two, and a punctured lung.

    The thing is, even though I sobered up and moved on, I still have that crazy feeling from time to time. Like the other day, it suddenly started up again and I felt high as hell for a good 20 seconds, then it faded. Everything was the same. The uncontrollable thoughts, the heart rate, the panic, the absolute terror, everything.

    Has anyone else ever experienced this kind of stuff while high? I always read articles about marijuana and everyone seems to think nobody has ever been hurt because of it - but I was, and there were a lot of witnesses. Granted it was more to do (supposedly) with the interaction of TCH and this non-dormant gene, but still. The experience has left me shaken to my core. I've been in kind of a funk since then that I can't seem to get out of, because the thought is always in the back of my mind - what if I was on to something? What if I was right?

    It's like, if I told you right now, every time you think of an elephant you would lose your mind a little bit more. You wouldn't want to think of an elephant, but you would. You wouldn't NOT be able to think about an elephant. And each time you did, you'd panic and push it to the back of your mind. That's kind of how it feels with this experience. I push it to the back of my mind so I don't panic and feel like I'm going crazy again.
  2. Just curious, did I post this on the wrong forum?
  3. That's interesting bro but y would u want to kill yourself just because u figured out life is just an endless repeated cycle. If I knew that I would love life to the fullest and not be scared of anything cuz I know if I die I'm just coming back like a video game. Go have some fun n get some drugs n some girls n a motorcycle

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  4. You misunderstood. It wasn't an endless cycle where you can do whatever you want. It's a cycle where you have to do the same exact thing each time you're alive, and I felt like I HAD to jump because that was the next thing that happened in the cycle. I felt like I had no choice.
  5. Don't use cannabis anymore
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  6. Weed isn't for you. Don't smoke anymore. See a doctor regarding your recurring episodes. I know nothing about a dormant gene that causes psychosis after smoking cannabis. Is this your personal theory or is it an actual proven fact? Seems like more anti pot propaganda. So yes definitely go see a good psychologist.

    You are aware that your body produces cannabinoids naturally?
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  7. Whoa... Ya you'll want to stop smoking ganja...
  8. Whoa... Ya you'll want to stop smoking ganja...
  9. The gene is something like AK1 or AKT1. Something similar to that. Look it up if you don't believe me.
    Also, your belief isn't required for the story to be true. I was mainly here just to ask if anyone else had ever had psychosis-like symptoms when smoking pot.
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    Millennial. Try "sucking it up and driving on" instead of searching for an allusive reality.

    No one promises "joy" all day, every day.

    Get some meaning in your life. You have one shot at this.
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  11. Searching? When did I say I was searching for an allusive reality?

    When did I say I felt like I was promised joy?

    When did I say I had no meaning to my life?

    If that was a troll attempt, it was a pretty bad one. I was told this forum was a place to share experiences and commiserate about marijuana. There isn't a lot of information out there regarding these side effects I've had. Most of the stuff you hear about weed is that it's harmless. It mostly is harmless. Not always, though. Certain people can have adverse reactions. If even one person can be helped because of my post, it's worth it. Keep an eye on people who aren't experienced with weed. It seems dumb, but you wouldn't think it was so dumb if someone you love got hurt or died because of this.

    You can attempt Ad Hominem again, if you wish, but just know that you'll immediately be blocked/ignored. If you want to have a rational discussion with me, I'm all for it, but if you're going to resort to insulting me again instead of acting like an adult and countering my argument with facts, I don't have time for you.
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  12. How can we have a rational discussion about your irrational and irrelevant thoughts? Sorry but the hard truth is, people with mental issues or what some would call
    "Crazy" just simply shouldn't smoke weed. Your story just instilled more reefer madness rhetoric, and if a news organization saw your post it would be cannon fodder. Don't smoke weed anymore and go see a shrink. People always ruin good shit. Not gonna say "fuck outta here" but I think your not going to get the response you want. Go home billy
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  13. I'm perfectly healthy. These thoughts have never been a part of me until I smoked.

    I didn't say I wanted to have a rational discussion about the thoughts themselves. I stated in my OP that I recognized the thoughts didn't make sense and were crazy. I made my intentions perfectly clear.

    You're lashing out because you want weed to be this perfect miracle drug - and for the most part, it is. But there are bad side effects to it for some people with that gene active. You're essentially saying "don't bring up the bad aspects of this drug I really really like, because people might find out and they might put limitations on it." That's selfish as fuck. People should know.

    The other part of my post was simply wondering if others ever had similar experiences. I have read a few already, but I was interested in seeing if anyone had a reaction similar to mine.
    Let me make this next part really clear: you do not have to be a part of this discussion if you don't want to. You can go do something else.

    Cognitive dissonance is a dumb excuse.
  14. Let me make this clear, your experience isn't a isolated one, some people are just inclined to freak the fuck out on weed, and you say it's a gene or whatever, where there is like zero research regarding that I'm sure. But that's besides the point. You smoked weed and you freaked out end of story. Maybe you have a gene that does that. So what should you do? DONT SMOKE WEED then. There are thousands of people who can't drink. And there's people who can't smoke. You literally just pointed out the obvious and tried to make it into a profound thought. Nah bro you just freaked out on weed. People such as yourself call 911 because they think they are dying from weed but your actually just high as hell. So bottom line ? Don't smoke weed anymore
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    You clearly didn't even read the post. I didn't freak out and call 911. I went into a fugue state and jumped off a fucking balcony, and I have absolutely no memory of it. That isn't "freaking out on weed", that's full-on psychosis.

    \\Where there is like zero research regarding that I'm sure.\\
    You should probably do some research before you say "I'm sure". Now I'm going to make you feel stupid, and then I'm going to stop responding to you. Sorry about this in advance.
    Confirmation that the AKT1 (rs2494732) genotype influences the risk of psychosis in cannabis users. - PubMed - NCBI
    This Gene May Predict How You React To Marijuana | HuffPost
    Schizophrenia, Cannabis, and the AKT1 Gene · Cornerstone Collective
    Psychosis risk for certain users of cannabis
    If You Have This Gene You May Need To Be Wary Of Cannabis
    Gene could help identify psychosis risk in cannabis users

    That's only a few of the many scientific articles and papers published on the subject. If you're going to advocate for using a drug, you should probably keep up to date on the research. But then again, cognitive dissonance is a hard thing to break.

    I hope you have a great rest of the day bro, and I hope nobody you care about ever gets hurt or killed because of this.

    EDIT: If I seem defensive about this, I apologize. I'm really not trying to be. It's just that, the few times I have used marijuana have been some of the most terrifying experiences of my life. The first time was when I smoked "spice", which I was told has almost the exact same effects as marijuana on the brain, by a heavy pot user friend. She had an awesome time on it. I didn't. So the next time I tried REAL weed, also had a really bad experience and was told it might've been laced since she bought it from a dealer. This final time, however, it was a brand new prescription of marijuana from a dispensary. I saw him buy it and open the bag. I can't remember the type of weed it was, but I remember him telling me it had a silly sounding technical name because it wasn't "the best" weed, it was the crappy parts of the plant. I think the word was something like "skud" or something like that. He smoked the same joint with me and said he felt perfectly fine. So it definitely wasn't the weed - it's me. I was more trying to educate people to the dangers, even though I am an advocate for marijuana legalization and I believe it helps people on a daily basis. I was also trying to just discuss the symptoms I had and see if others wanted to share their bad experiences if they were similar. That's all.
  16. So if your predisposed to mental breaks or have a family history if mental illness then you may have this gene that can cause you to freak out on weed? Your just attributing bigger concepts to a lesser issue, should
    Everyone get DNA mapping done before they smoke to see if their good ? Should no one ever smoke ever then ? Nah it's gonna be the way it always has been it's a trial and error sort of thing unfortunately. And yours just happened to lead to such a fucked up situation, I'm glad your ok though. Just don't smoke weed anymore man but story does help in the fact that people can be more aware of how they will react BEFORE they smoke. Gonna look at those links later. Have a good day bud.
  17. Read all responses and came up with, "weed isn't for you. Stop smoking it."

    Pretty simple really.
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  18. Don't smoke weed then simple! I remember the second time at my mates I was going into states of blackness where I couldn't remember what just happened, then I felt like I was dying and I was screaming, never had it since. ;)
  19. Damn just be glad you never dosed on L or took mushrooms. You would definitely kill yourself. Also maybe read about Buddhism and eastern philosophy regarding reincarnation. From a spiritual point of view it sounds like your third eye got woken the fuck up and you couldn't handle it.
    From a Joe Six Pack point of view, you freaked out and looked crazy and cannabis definitely isn't for you. Nothing wrong with that. And the way you type and write sounds very uptight and slightly annoying, you seem like a person who can't let go of little things or take it easy. Your tense personality that likes control and rationality probably wouldn't mush well with weed even if you didn't have some special gene.
    Also, how do you know you even have this gene? Sounds like you're reaching for an outside answer to blame rather than the cringy realization that you hit a joint and attempted suicide in front of a group LOL.

    I would be looking for some magic gene to blame too if I fucked up that bad socially.

    Glad your alive but seriously lay off the pot before you make it in the news.

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  20. That does sound like a very strange experience. Its one I have not ever heard of on cannabis daughter has a mental illness and uses cannabis to slow her speeding thoughts down and get control of her emotions that typically lead to self harm and suicide attempts. For her, cannabis has been a total life saver allowing her to function normally....its when she stops medicating, she gets into trouble and ends up hospitalized - last time, she was in ICU for 8 days and on a 5150 (involuntary psychiatric hold) for 3 days before she was deemed safe to herself again.

    Anyhow, this is why your gene theory intrigued me.... its AKT1. Huffington Post, Herb, IB Times and Science Daily are trying to link cannabis to psychosis with this gene theory with the same regurgitated story. I would rather read the actual research myself so onto NCMBI for NIH.....Some researchers theorize there is a link to psychosis and cannabis citing cases of this very thing though at this point in research, its not understood like at all....some point to the psychiatric disorder was already there while others point to cannabis changed the brain chemistry to allow the psychiatric disorder to manifest specifically looking at brain development in utero and adolescence.

    I'll look more into research on this particular proposed gene, you swear you have that caused your episodes, in the mean time happy reading ;)

    Pot Can Trigger Psychotic Symptoms For Some, But Do The Effects Last?

    Cannabis-Induced Bipolar Disorder with Psychotic Features: A Case Report

    Edited: fixed the links

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