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Strange effects, Mold or strain?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JanMichaelVincent, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Hey guys how's it going
    So I've been smoking for like a year now and no issues. Recently I got some bud that I thought was bunk but did tests and had talks and ended up convinced it wasn't.

    Strange thing is, when I smoke it, it gives me heartburn, a lot of coughing in comparison but still feels like a bud cough. No phlegm outside the norm, but chest seems somewhat tighter. This is after most cones. Heartburn sometimes comes on straight away, others it rolls in after a minute or two. No difficulty breathing if anything I feel like my lungs have opened up more. I know that sounds like a contradiction the tight chest but when I breathe my lungs feel fine if not more open, it's just if I focus on the area it seems tighter at rest. It's meant to be Bubblegum Kush, but I can't identify it.

    Now, the bud itself is quite dark, and lots of trichomes, but there are some things I am most certainly not certain about on it at this stage. I store my stuff in jars and burp it each day so as to avoid mold but this stuff was really wet when I got it. I placed it on a rack above some desiccant and sucked the moisture out of it (or some) to prevent mold once again.

    Have a 40x loupe and uv light (somewhere) but I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for at that magnification. Should I zoom in more?

    Anyway if you need photos to assist or any extra info that's fine let us know, I am after your help after all.

    I've stopped smoking this stuff for now until I can confirm its safe and whatnot. Got other stuff to smoke if I choose to, so dw about all that, I'm being smart about it I'd like to think.

    I'll go doc's if I need to, but more so wanna figure out if it could be a strain allergy or something? Maybe I'm not used to the the content? Maybe it was sprayed? There's seeds in it too, but the desiccant seems to have withered them and now they're scattered in dried out 'burst' balls amongst the weed.

    Cheers :)

    PS. I haven't been sleeping very well lately, avg about 5-6 hrs compared to usual 9. Also quitting smoking ciggies ATM. Don't know if that helps.
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  2. Just wanted to stop by and say we need all Jan Michael Vincents to quadrant three immediately.

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  3. My man!
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  4. If cannabis (a specific stash) makes you feel bad, don't smoke it. You don't know the reason, you don't need to know the reason. Stop smoking that batch. Please don't be that stoner that goes to the doctor with side effects from cannabis! That makes all stoners look stupid. Of course if you keep smoking that stuff.....
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  5. I see where you're coming from, but I WANT to know, so unless you can provide me with something I actually asked for, please hold your comments as they are unwanted. I have already stated that I have other stuff to smoke. Sorry if I come across like a dick but I'm only here to know what I asked about :) that's how threads get derailed. However, thank you for taking time out to try help! It hasn't gone unappreciated. Almost forgot my manners :p
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  6. Sorry mate, wrong attitude here, I wish I could have been some help. Symptoms that may come from cannabis can be hard to pin down. Since we're not sure what's going on- I hear you about the sleeping, and quitting cigs can't be making you feel better, yet. While you're quitting cigs be sure to eat right, may be hard, stay hydrated and get some exercise- generally take extra good care of yourself. You might also consider a five to seven day water cure which will remove any fertilizer and all water soluble nasties. I hope some real help comes along. I appreciate your good manners, mate.
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  7. Yeah man, while it may seem wacky and risky, try the water cure. I have not done it myself but I have filed the idea away as a possible solution if I ran into the same thing as you. I have been trying to only vape for a while now, so I gravitated towards concentrates more... but hot damn I do appreciate some well cured dankness but as soon as I light it up, after that first taste I'm like, yes, this is what I hate about it, cough...

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  8. Nah it's all good :) everybody has a different mindset! I'm just a curious one.

    As I appreciate yours, life's too short to be rude :) enjoy your smoking man, and thanks again regardless :) gonna give the water cure a shot, can't hurt.

    I've heard it thrown around multiple times, as mentioned above in this reply, I'm probably going to give it a shot. Be better than wasting it if there's even a small chance it's salvageable haha

    Still curious if anyone has any extra information on this!
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  9. Report back after you do it, I'd be very interested in how it cleans up for practical uses!

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  10. are you sure its heart burn,,,,if it is you could be swallowing the smoke in to your gut as well as inhaling the smoke ,,weed shouldnt give you heart burn ,,,mac
  11. Most certainly, I've suffered through it a couple of times in the past, just not with weed. If it isn't heartburn it sure feels like it! I know I'm not swallowing the smoke, that would have to be happening every cone and there's simply no way I would be able of doing that without throwing up. Hate the burps. :( I smoked some of the new stuff just now and no ill effects.

    Yeah well that's sorta why I'm concerned about the old heartburn because my searches have turned up that it's actually meant to have the opposite effect. Although there were a few exceptions to that too... What are your thoughts on the water cure?

    Gonna start keeping an eye on my health over the next few weeks now I think. Things are stacking up against this pot :(

    Also, my friends who have smoked it didn't report any ill feelings from this weed. They said it smoked fine. Probably worth mentioning.
  12. So whatever's the problem is in you, not the weed. I agree with Joker, if it makes you feel bad it doesn't matter what's wrong, don't smoke it.
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  13. I don't mean to come off as rude, Ed, I understand you mean well. Trust me, I ceased smoking it before I posted this thread. It was making me feel bad, not going to continue putting it inside me hahaha isn't that the definition of insanity? Repeating the same thing over expecting a different result? Einstein's at least... perhaps over-quoted... I digress.

    What I meant to say was, I don't need to be told not to smoke it. I care more for my health than a bit of plant that makes you feel funny. It's about enjoyment! I would however still like to know if anyone has any experience with these symptoms, and if I feel them again I'd like to know why my body is acting that way so I can take appropriate steps to combat it and maintain my health if possible.

    You raise a valid point, and I suspected the issue was my own, however there's still the potential (however minute) for me to have obtained some of the only contaminated matter among my friends (yes, I know this is a stretch but stranger things have happened). Aside from that rather outlandish idea, there may be something in it I'm allergic to (a spray, something leftover during harvest, etc.) or it could just be the strain and me not agreeing for a variety of reasons, regardless if I can equip myself with knowledge against these things, I can do my best to avoid them or get the appropriate treatment (if necessary) if I accidentally end up in a situation similar to this in the future. Better to be safe than sorry! Best lesson I ever learnt. :D

    I don't know if I'm being clear and I honestly mean no harm so sorry if I have come across as rude, like I said earlier it was not my intention. :eek: I don't enjoy biting the hands that feed me, so to speak. Thanks for your input in any case, Ed. I appreciate the concern for another's health. Hope good things come your way :)

    Tl;dr: Thanks, Ed. Already marked it as "DO NOT SMOKE!" Looking for more info though.
  14. how were you smoking the bud ,,was it in J's ,bong.,,maybe it wouldnt be so bad on getting heartburn if you tried vaping instead ,,,,,mac,,

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