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  1. Hi all,
    i'm a new forum user. Thanks all for the very good job whith this website.
    I've a question! My indoor cannabis plat have a disease. the basal leaves are taking this color (see attachment) the plants have about 45 days.
    what kind of disease is this? From my agriculture studies seems to be a fungal disease. What do you think?

    See attachment


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  2. Pics of plant as a whole please
  3. attached :) i'm sorry are iphone photos :(
    the situation is getting worse! is increasing


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  4. does the pot and soil have good drainage? she looks overwatered. Damp soil could have started the fungal attack, if you have one.

    I don't know what that is, but if you let the soil dry out (if the pot or soil inhibits this, xplant to new pot/soil) and water with correct pH it'll correct it.

    If you have a fungal infection, running 0.5-1% H2O2 through can slow its attack; follow that up with a tea and you'll have a healthy plant again
    An example of a tea can be found by googling "white slime root cure"
  5. Ok thsnks for thw answer!
    Tomorrow i'll try to chang the soil and the pot whits a bigger new one.
    For the irrigarion i use purified osmotic water. the soil is normal flower substrate.
    Another queston, can i do a preventive treatment whith a sistemic fungicide?I-ve seen dimethyl 4,4'-(o-phenylene)bis(3-thioallophanate) (in italian is tifonato metile) is a large spectrum fungicide use in agricolture, maybe can be ok?
  6. No. Systemic fungicides work by being systemic, yes? You smoke the plant, therefore you smoke the poison. Just because its used in agriculture doesn't make it safe; it just means that profits outweigh any damages, and that it doesn't cause any widespread, quick, obvious damage - specific to you, think cancers, some years down the line. As another example, think on the effects of DDT, eagles, bio-magnification.

    That tea is MUCH better; it works to prevent any rots or fungi from forming in the soil zone. As an added benefit, it helps make your plant grow better, quicker. You'll be much more pleased with the results of the tea than with any fungicide; as I said, the tea makes the plant grow bigger, faster. AND, its 100% ORGANIC. (the safe kind)

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