Strange Discovery After Topping

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dark852, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. so im about 4 weeks into this grow and i just topped my nicest plant. it is very healthy and it doesnt show any signs of deficiency or stress; however, at the little nub where i topped, a very bright purple colored juice oozed out!!! now i have topped plants before but this is my first grow in a couple years and there have been many bowls since then lol. it didnt strike me as normal so i figured i would post and see if anyone has experienced this.
    i even google searched with no not that worried about it but someone has to have seen this before. surely i cant be the first!

  2. Well many trees ooze sap when they're injured to help cover up the cut. Maybe it's just trying to seal a wound?
  3. oh thats definitely what it was doubt about it. any time you take foliage from a plant it will ooze if its alive lol. what i was surprised about was the color!!!
    i mean it was such a rich purple that it looked like it was a purple colored marker leaking ink!!
  4. The purple color comes from anthocyanin, the same stuff that gives blueberries their color! It just means you will have some purple buds!  :hello:     It is normal for many purple strains to bleed purple or red, so don't worry!  :smoke:
  5. Hi stormcrow. I remember u! U helped me with my previous grow.
    Just wanns say hi

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  6. ^ Can't vouch for that but it seems plausable. As long as growth continues don't fret about it you'l be fine. It's a weed after all
  7. very exciting news...this grow im using bagseed since i ran out of money blowing over $700 on equipment haha. i find it a bit more exciting than my previous grow from clone when i saw the mother and already knew how they were going to end up.
    thank you!!! very much appreciated!!

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