Strange custom bong question

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    Has anyone stacked perc ash catchers atop each other... Say 4-11 arm percs? WITHOUT a bong? Would that work? How would it work? What butt attachment would one use to attain such a beast? Or would the Frankenstein fall apart?
    Something like 4 of these
    Or would it be better to get one of these girls along with a single one of these?

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    So you wanna use 4 ashcatchers with no bong?
    Honestly go with you second choice ofc.  Also more diffusion is not always better.
  3. no offense but that is one pointless idea.
    4 ashcatchers = more expensive than 1 bong.  4 ashcatchers = 4 joints, the joints reduce the diameter, leading to more drag so the smoke will go through a small diameter section fill a chamber, go through another small diameter section for the 2nd so on and so forth.  
    It'd be easy to break, unweildy, draggy, and more expensive than a normal bong.  If you have 4 ashcatchers and the male-female adaptors then you could do it to F' around but I wouldn't go out and actually purchase stuff for this, it's worse than a bong in nearly every conceivable way other than this would be easier to hide.
  4. you could get a jet flash or helix bubbler, it has a removable 14m downstem so you can put ash catchers on it and stack them.
  5. You know what happens to Frankenstein at the end right? Lmao bad idea. It's fun to fuck around, but as mogwi411 pointed out, it's not worth your time, or money to do something like this. It's a waste of resources

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