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strange bud

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pief, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Well, atleast ive never seen anything similar to it...

    the bud is very moist, sticky, and extremely difficult to break up....however it looks like regular dro. after "pulling" the bud apart i noticed a white goo in the center...

    also....i have yet to smoke it...and the whereabouts of the herb is friend got it and was apparently too ripped to notice what was goin on...but somehow he ended up with it...

    any bud for free is good bud....but i think the bud wasn't dried properly? opinions please thanks :wave:
  2. sounds like it but what with?
  3. Smoke it and see what happens
  4. lol! what he said^
  5. thats what i thought first...but im not to familiar with other drugs....but that would be sweet if it was doused in some pcp or somethin

    but anyway im gunna be smokin it tomoro...but hopefully its not just shitty ass bud..i would be pissed
  6. You figure out what it was?
  7. could it possibly be some sort of mold? slime mold? is there any odor to it (other than dank)?
  8. could just be very kiefy

    isnt goo sticky? the centeers of buds are usually white because of the stem inside. sounds like crucial dank to me, had the same shit last night
  9. Laced is a posabiltiy. and you say a Goo??? well i an't never seen Goo in weed before but i have had some awsome bud called,"Mothers Milk" which i smoked at a coffee shop i visted in amsterdam called,"Coffeeshop Lucky Mothers" and the bud was green on the out side but when you broke it in half to smell it it was ALL WHITE inside looked like Trichoms but didn't have my 100x mag to get a closer look none the less i got REALLY FUCked from it and couldn't help but go down in the basement where they have *had not sure if they still do* bing bags all over the room and a couple hooka tables and zone out in the music. couldn't understand all the songs but i tell ya it didn't matter one bet lol.

  10. possibly a spider mite web. ive seen something like what ur talking about (i think) it looks like a piece of cotton ball inside the bud. i smoked the weed but made sure to not smoke any with the "web" and picked everything from around it. im ok, so i guess it wont kill u
  11. eww..
  12. well idk really what to say except that i got pretty fucked up...had an instance where i thought i would blank out...but that could be some other thing....but the bud gave a good high nonetheless...

    very interesting about the spider since i have seen some bud with very small white webbing..but this was a goo... had a distinct taste and smell....

    not sure if it was laced or whatever..but it got the job done and i got fucked up....thank god i didnt pass out in school :smoke:
  13. Yeah I've gotten bud before with a spider web in it of some sort. I just picked it out and the person I got it from gave me an extra dime's worth.
  14. haha got some rocks squished in there?
  15. That's why you don't make love with your hand near your bud. Ewwww :(.

  16. Haha good one. :D
  17. but i like the felling of the bud on my penis LOL
  18. Could be baked on coke! i have smoked shit like that on other hand it could be not dried correctly or have insects (like others said) it could be many things to classify as one thing when i havnt seen it.
  19. i've never heard of goo in it but as long is it isnt mold you should be ok for the most part. Mold on your bud can cause you to get a lung infection or even death if you smoke it.

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