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strange bud

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by drew-grew, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. I came across an amount of weed. this was pretty good looking bud. when i chopped it in my coffee grinder, the crystals did not stick. it was like powder and came out of the grinder like a puff of smoke rising in the air. it smelled the same. but burned a little different. the pot was not all that great either. i am wondering why this crystal is not sticky. could this bud have been put thru a butane oil extraction maybe? ive never seen pot do this..
  2. Where you from? Sounds like grit-weed
  3. dealer puttin some shit in the bud? ..........?
  4. you grinded it to a powder in the grinder?
  5. was it crunchy, dry beasters?

    test; did you get high for about half an hour then level off and feel the need to smoke again?

    I never really get keif from bc bluff because whatever it's deal is it just isn't like other weed.
  6. Why does it sound like grit weed? Everythime someone has "strange bud" someone has to come in and say grit weed.

    Maybe it's just dry weed? Maybe you broke it up in a coffee grinder? :rolleyes:
  7. yeah i cut it up in my coffee grinder. but exactly like i have for 15 yeahs now. never seen crystal like this. its like there is no resin in it. I think that someone extacted the bud leaving very little resin, but buds intact. get 1-2 oz of honey oil out of a pound. and sell the leftover weed quick and cheap.. it LOOKS good gets you a little high. but its only 1/3 there thc wise. has anyone tried butane extraction with full buds? i am going to design a setup to do it. you should be able to use propane instead of butane i belive. it is basicly the same thing. yeah it sounds dangerous, but only if you are an idiot... or have idiots around you.
  8. Maybe just really dry weed that's been left out for too long :rolleyes:

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