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Strange Bic behavior

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dogsleeve, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. I figured I'd be smart, save a little money, and buy my lighters in bulk. So I got a rack of Bics, 50 lighters total. Yay me, right?

    Problem is, the lighters all have this strange behavior. When it's held vertical, the flame is at a perfect strength for smoking. But when I turn it on its side like I'm going to light a bowl, the gas pressure kicks up a notch and I get this big, unwieldy flame. It's pretty annoying.

    Has anyone else seen this sort of behavior in a lighter? These are standard 3-inch Bics. Thanks.
  2. sometimes when i get a new one it does that, just wear them in :smoke:
  3. yeah bro its cause its full.
  4. All lighters do that. Extra gas is secreted when held upside down.
  5. Very strange behaviour indeed.

    One might say it is paranormal behaviour cast down from the devil himself.

    I'd be wary of the these lighters for they have been cursed for eternity.

    (actually after a few uses of the lighter, it should act like a normal lighter. lol.)
  6. This happens with almost all of my lighters. Think about it, when you tilt it the fluid goes down, more fluid=bigger flame. It'll stop happening not after long.
  7. Thanks, all. I was afraid they were defective or something.
  8. why would you ever buy 50 lighters at once?
  9. [quote name='"GrassCtyCitizen"']why would you ever buy 50 lighters at once?[/quote]

    Because it's like 5 bucks for 50 while 5 seperate lighters would cost you $5 anyway. If you're a stoner you could never have enough lighters, why not stock up for cheap?
  10. lol if you wanna tell me where you found 50 lighters for $5 that'd be great....
  11. I like when I leave my lighter by my computer or something and it gets really hot, and gives me a 6 inch torch
  12. This man is wise.
  13. you can crank up crack lighters to get like a foot-long flame, great blowtorch:devious:
  14. Wasn't 5 for fifty, unfortunately. After shipping they were about a buck a piece. But now I've got lighters for several years.
  15. i thought u were gonna say ur bic was running away...
  16. You can flick your bic and you can flick your dick. But you cant flick your bic with your dick. I really don't know I'm high :smoke: but I agree with all of the above.
  17. LOL this shit man bahahaha walking bics and dicks and bics say whhhhhaaaaatttt Too high :bongin: :smoke:

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