Strange and Wonderful Primal Moments

Discussion in 'General' started by notbakedenough, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. My story of a strange spontanious musical outburst....

    Earlier today A few buddies were strolling along when we spotted a nice spot to have a smoke, sit and chat. It was under a concrete bridge over a small creek ("do all stoners gather by water?" I pondered..) with a paved area beneath it to sit and be dry on. As the session wrapped up myself and another partially nerdy friend began a discussion the on Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and the importance of towels. It was around here that we first began to gather sticks.

    When we had around 3 sticks for every one of the four people there, one of us thought long and hard to himself before picking up two of the many sticks and making a very basic beat with them on the ashphalt. It was, to us, a grand revelation and we all slowly began to make a beautiful and complicated primal style beat with sticks on ashphalt. After we all stopped laughing at the hilarity of spontanious drumming amongst a small group, one of our group took out his cell phone, hit the record button for the microphone and we slowly began again. The beat built and built until the pressure was too great and we all stopped.

    We continued to make wonderful music for another hour before our inspiration dissipated....

    Has anyone ever done anything remotely similar, I mean by the way of spontanious music making? I hope this makes sense..:smoke:
  2. I met this girl at the county fair a few days ago, and while we were there we heard a lyric from "What i Got" by Sublime...from somewhere, who knows where. Anyway, we both knew every word, and kept singing as we walked. Not really a musical outburst, but another example of how music can bring people together.

    That night we got bombed and fucked like wild animals. It was awesome.
  3. yea, me and a few friends wear driving around all fucked up, and we decided to make a band, and started singing random verses. one of my friends decided to make a song called the "itch monster" about a chick who got herpes ( no offense of those who have it), and how it never goes away and the itch monster visits. it was great.

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