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Strange and scary trip. Different experience than I've ever read or heard.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Equalvision95, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. My question here is, why do think I had such a scary ass trip according to my experience?

    This is gonna be longgg, sorry. Haha, I write paragraphs for one sentence questions.
    There's a short version below also below the long version.
    So Here's The Story. This was the second time I'd smoked weed. So I pick up my friend from his house. He tells me this dealer has the best weed around he has tried. I went down to this dealers house right. Well, haha, so it seems from my friends recommendations and the effect it had on him when he smoked it, it is the real deal. So anyway, he invites us to stick around and smoke some for free with him. Who doesn't accept free weed? Nice offer and we take it. Hey, it would be more offensive to turn him down. Little bit cold and quiet upfront but a pretty nice guy high. A little boring, but everyone is more interesting when high. So we do stick around and we pass around my friends brand new pipe and the dealer's bong full of this guys pride and joy weed. Considering this was the 2nd time I smoked I don't know how to smoke that well yet. All in all, I got about 2-3 full hits and 1 bong hit. Now at first it was nice like the first time. Real chill and some laughs... then it got crazy. I was fucked up! I was seeing all these visions and I would sort of black out in a way I guess. It was all in my head. I was still experience things and was awake. It didn't effect real world stuff, but those vision were extremely scary and abstract and I was remembering some weird prehistoric, past life, fetal, child memories, perceptions and thoughts. I felt extremely scared because I'm not at my house and I don't exactly trust my friend totally. It wasn't like this at all the first time. He can keep me relatively safe because he is practiced but he can be flaky. This dealer was pretty chill. Didn't mind me staying for an hour. But I had to go. I was tripping hard for another hour, slipping in and out of consciousness and my lucidness would vary in and out through time. We had went onto a pretty busy road and we were going to an amusement park. I was pissed because I wanted to sleep it off but no, he wants to take the highway and interstate roads. Of course I would forget and remember. At times it was fun. Other times it sucked ass. He would slam on the brakes hard every once and a while, ya know, cause he's high. I would come back into reality with extreme lucidness only to soon come back into the effect of the marijuana. Haha, if I had to I bet I could have ran from the cops with tireless energy. I smoked it again later but I was afraid to smoke a lot. I only smoke about 2-3 snaps at a time at night when I wanted to go to sleep. It didn't happen again except once, but not nearly as bad. The second time I smoked a bowl. Not even all the bowl though. My eyes started to get a little hazy and I had effects similar to uhhh, I guess fear of heights. If anyone else knows that feeling, things start to move far away and a bit of a spinny movement. Only mild visions. Nothing that would leave me immobile and scare the shit out of me like it did the first time.
    IN SHORT: Extremely unique trip that lasted for long time and gave me visions that only effected the images in my head, not reality. Extremely scary shit man. This was the second time smoking pot. It was a lot different than the first time and was not fun during 90+% of the trip. Not laced because the other guys I was with did not trip like that.
    What I Know About The Strains I've Smoked: I haven't smoked for about 5 days now and it's been a little while since the incident. I ran out of weed so I have to get more. I'm just also curious if it was because of the strain, quality. lack of experience and immunity. I don't know what it is. The dealer didn't tell me. I think he told my friend. the first strain I had had bits of purple. I think it was Grandaddy Purple. That's the local purple strain around here.
    What do you guys think huh?
    Next time I'm gonna try a strain that is for creativeness, giggles, happiness, focus and being uplifted. A lot less euphoria. I like to have my wits about me. A lack of lucidness scares me because I have a bad intelligence complex. I'll probably also just get some cheap schwagg on the side for wake and bakes and work. There's no problem with schwagg as long as it doesn't cost a lot.
  2. It's not the strain, you're just a lightweight. You're not seeing visions you're just super high bro. Try to concentrate next time and don't smoke as much you obviously don't need too.

    I bet about 80% of smokers here wished they could go back in time so they could get that high.
  3. I'm a little doubtful. I'm a big guy. Not fat too. I'm just saying, I smoked quite a bit the first time. I didn't mean like Jesus visions. Just uhh, weird images. I was high for a couple of hours the first time. It was all just fun. Especially because I got laid that night. It was just a perfect first high. I always had a strange brain. I might just be like that for a while. I just want to stay lucid, but have some fun still. I'm not into crazy ass highs. Just relaxing and having some laughs with friends. If I do get into that super high I'll do it at my house alone. That's why I'll stay away from shrooms and PCP. I really don't want to become a glass of OJ and when I fall over and spill I think I'm dying. True story from a friend of a friend. For now I'll just take it slow.

    Oh, and has anyone else had that. I didn't have that scary you know I'm gonna die, fast heart beat stuff. For a little bit I did forget a lot and I couldn't remember how to move my body quite right, but that's the only crazy physical thing I had. I hate that.
  4. Stopped reading after this.
  5. You really have no experience with it. Just smoke at night till you build a tolerance is my opinion, cause your in the safety and comfort of your own home and you can enjoy just doing whatever the fuck you want! Then you get used to it. Don't smoke shwag though, get decent mids, but shwag highs are always the worst. They give you terrible cottonmouth with very little high. Get dank and just take snaps if you want the best experience. Also weed might not be for you, I haven't done shrooms but there something I've wanted to experience my whole life, I like the out of the norm. Experience, and that's why I smoke weed (besides all the fuckingawesome other stuff).
  6. *and if you only smoke at night you can just sleep it off if you feel uncomfortable or your too high or something
  7. You sound like you want to be special. You're not. We've all been where you are and it's simply not what you think it is. Your brain is strange? How? What chemical imbalances separates your brain from the norm?
  8. Lay down the dmt man.
  9. @Boobtree Yeah actually. I've had this strange imbalance in my learning habits and it seems brains wired differently. I don't brag about it, but it's been a pretty obvious thing for that my brain just doesn't work the same. I had counselors and doctors when I was young because I developed differently. There was definitely stick in gears somewhere. I started slow and verbal communication was translated differently for me. Now I have a pretty high IQ with better than average writing skills. It's hard to explain. I'm not that good at discussing my deeper thoughts when it comes to my own mind. They stay pretty locked up. Just trust me in the fact that I have a strange brain. I wish I didn't honestly.

    @24karrotts Hey, thanks for the info on Schwagg. I was just hoping not to have to spend a lot of money. I guess my low tolerance at the moment will make that cheaper. So thanks man. Better to learn before making all the mistakes I think. Save me a lot of trouble.
  10. I had a similar experience the second time I smoked weed. My mind went into turbo mode and I was seeing things in my mind like you described. It really was absolutely mind blowing. It only happened the one time though.

  11. I heard it was currently cool to have mental illness, the forums seem full of people proud to be dissconnected. As for OP thou, 25 years on the herb in many places around the globe, with many people and many types of cannabis. Never have experienced anythign like that nor has anyone I have met and trust, there are many stories like it pop up on here mind. Maybe there shoudl be a subforum for supernatural weed experiences :) ;)
  12. You didn't have a trip, you just got high.
  13. its because it was only your 2nd time. The first few times i smoked i got so fucked up, i wish i could go back in time and experience it again. Youll build tolerence and you wont get a "crazy" high like that again unless you quit for a while or take a long t break.
  14. haha i cant wait to get that high again after a 6 month T-break. sounds like you just got ripped off your ass. who knows maybe u were lucky enough to hallucinate haha idk. but keep tokin :smoke:
  15. OP: if you really have a brain that's wired differently and this effects the way you react to drugs, then be aware of it at all times and be careful, start slow and build up from there.

    I don't have an unique, strange brain, but I do know it's wired a bit differently than the majority of brains, as I have ADHD and a mild case of Asperger's syndrome. As a result, I'm hyper sensitive to many psychoactives. That means I am aware of my limits and take this into account when I get high, so I always start off with lower doses. The result? More enjoyable highs than unpleasant experiences.

    In your case, your tolerance to weed was very low, it being the second time only. And it might happen that your brain is more sensitive to psychoactives. You just got way too high. More than you were prepared for, at least. Expectations play a huge part into a psychoactive experience and, if you were just expecting some relaxation and some giggling fits, then no wonder you were overwhelmed. Thing is, I'd love to get this kind of visions too. I love exploring my consciousness so, when I get high, I expect it to be a surprising adventure into the realms of my mind...

    My guess is that you think you've "tripped" really hard on weed because you have never done a psychedelic drug that makes you trip. Else, I bet you'd have noticed a difference...
  16. Yea i agree, you just got really...REALLY high:smoke:
  17. I'm starting to agree with everyone. Just got way too high. It was pretty "supernatural" though. I've been dry for five days now until today when I found just a tiny bit in my car. That stuff was about two weeks old in my car's trunk just sitting there. As you can imagine is was a little bit dry and flaky. Just like a tiny chunk off a large bud. That actually got me pretty high. Lasted about 30-45 minutes. Maybe longer. I'm just extremely sensitive to psychoactives I guess. That is absolutely awesome in my opinion. I'm an economic weed smoker haha. The more I smoke the more I like it. Takes a quarter of the amount it takes for my other friends to get as high as I do. I know a few people who are gonna be hella jealous.

    As much as I want to try getting that high again, it freaks me out. I love exploring my mind down to those deeper more abstract thoughts though. I'll probably try it one more time and if I don't like it I'll stop getting that high for a while. Just try again later when I'm more experienced.
  18. the way you described it was like a legit bad trip on a hallucinogenic substance

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