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  1. I am an absolute beginner and I was wondering which strand of MJ would be the best for yields, THC %, and just overall easy growing for a beginner. Thanks
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    Big bid and God bud are supposed to be all of the things you mentioned, but I haven't grown either. Goo is just about indestructible and a great yielder with good smoke. I usually see it stocked in the canna club here. Green Crack is clone only but a REALLY easy strain to grow and yields nicely and flowers in 6 weeks. C99 is another strain I always recommend. It's a little more stretchy than the others I listed, but it grows really fast and flowers in 7 weeks. If you're looking to keep a mother, C99 clones really well.

    Pretty much stay away from most sativas because they are harder to grow than indica. And I would avoid most purple strains because they are low yielders.

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