Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ganjaman7847, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. I have so many plants and no digital camra. this sucks. ok
    I would like to know what strains my plants are. Give me all the names of the strains you think it might be.

    #1 my beloved plant... This one is a weird one but gets you right high. It has many branches, big wide leaves, Right fucking green, the head of the plant is completly gost white and the leaves around it have a touch of white on them.
    its about 4 feet tall.

    #2 my odd ones... these Ive never seen befor. they are pretty bushy, have a good amount of leaves to them, the leaves are wide, but here's the thing the entire stem is coumpletly this kind of purple maroonish color. they stink as all hell (and thats in the good way) gets you good and blazed. it not stress or anything like that. I water them a good amount give them good amount of sun light. has any body else have a plant like this

    should I do anything special to these so they get to their full potential. like does a certain strain need more care than another.
    I need a digital camra.
  2. shit where can I find a digital camera and how cheap. I keep saying to my self I'm going to get one.

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