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Strains with "trippy" highs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zatyro, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. I was just wondering if you guys have any suggestions on some strains that give trippy, visual type highs. I got some Bubblegum from a buddy a while back and I had a great experience with it. Seeing stuff in the shadows and out of the corner of my eyes. Heavy paranoia too. As crazy as it sounds, I like a lot of paranoia with my high :smoke:

    So any suggestions for my particular tastes? This is for my grow btw. I'm thinking about Nirvana's Full Moon
  2. I hear that full moon is known for its smoothness, but idk haven't really researched it.

    AK-47 tripped me out, Colorado ThunderFuck ruined me, (lol), And Purple kush didn't really trip me out, but 1/2 of my stoner quotes came from smoking purple kush.

  3. Anything Sativa dominant...

    I like my Africans with some of the stranger cannabinoids...THCV's

    Malawi Gold tops my list...

    Colombia Gold (lab tested at 25% cannabinoids) was my second...
  4. Most if not all pure sativas will give you a trippy high. Haze for example.
  5. Haha yeah actually I'm probably the biggest Horror buff you know. More like a connoisseur, actually. Regardless, paranoia and adrenaline make the high most of the time, for me.

    What is thcv? I'm assuming a cannabinoid but how does it affect the high?
  6. Thanks for all the great responses guys! All suggestions are being noted and will be "researched" thoroughly :smoke:
  7. In my experience tolerance plays a way bigger role in the "trippiness" of a high.
    don't smoke for two weeks, then set up a room with green lights, a lava lamp, incense and music and you will probably trip out and have a spiritual experience.

  8. That explains it :hippie:

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