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Strains with over 20% thc?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HIGHEREDnFIRED, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. so I have this app. Jointogether it says Deathstar has 24% thc is this possible?
    I heard 20 is even hard to get.
  2. It can vary from grow to grow.
  3. I've never heard of Deathstar, but of course its possible. There are numerous strains that go over 20%thc, the most famous (where i live at least) is the skunk strain.
  4. higher thc is not always better.. lol you want somewhere in between

  5. yep. and some lab strains have even more if you can imagine that :smoke:

  6. yep. theres been studies that say 50% of weed smokers get a temporary insanity. i was like wtf lol they say its because of all of the thc and less cbd and cbn. indicas have higher cbn which is what gives you couch lock. so its all about preference
  7. G13 is close to Thirty. OG is 25. but it most definetly depends on the grower.
  8. There's a strain in LA rumored to be 30% THC called Matt's #1 OG. Not sure how accurate that is though, it's just word of mouth.
  9. Focusing on this strain that has 24% or that strain that has 22% is unnecessary. A general rule of thumb is if its over 20%, your mind will be blown. Just get the best you can of what you can find and enjoy the ride. :)
  10. Blue Dream has more than 20.
  11. Personally don't think enough research has been done into the effects of combining CBN CBD and THC. I think that effects the high a hell of a lot more than THC levels alone.

  12. agreed
  13. I believe it about the deathstar, it was the most insane weed i had ever smoked
  14. I wouldnt doubt it

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