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strains with dbc?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dynamutt, May 12, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know what strains have a high dbc level I heard it helps with anxiety also I heard mids or regs have higher dbc anyone got any info on this?

  2. Do you mean CDB? If you do, you're looking for indica strains.
  3. Ya that damn smart phone is annoying I heard mids also has high levels any thoughts on that?I get cali grade and the last indica I had still seemed to be crossbred that's why Im wonderin
  4. You're talking quality... not strain. Strains have different levels of CBD and THC, but quality is dependent on how said strain is grown and treated.
  5. yeah most mids r indica dominant, but dont go for mids cuz they're indica, where you live would b no problem at all finding good dank indicas.
  6. Why do you want weed with high CDB levels? As said before, what matters is the quality of the weed. The type of weed it is (either indica or sativa) just describes what kind of high it will mostly feel like. Indicas are body highs, sativas are head highs. Sativas are good for the day, for keeping you aware and allowing you to function. A good indica will put you on your ass and give you couch lock.

  7. probably because he thinks it will act as an anxiolytic.
  8. burtontoker, why do you like posts that contradict or disagree with comments you made?
  9. Ya that's exactly why cuz last time I had some pineapple kush late and put me into two back to back panic attacks within a few mins and iv been tokin for four years and never experienced that reaction before
  10. So I'm tryin to find out diff kinds n strains or quality levels with diff levels the doc told me to get diff strains on a list that would help but it seems the higher the quality herb even the ones he said help with anxiety n shouldn't make me have them still cause them that's why I ask just tryin to find some diff approaches n answers

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