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strains under your belt smoked

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NWestblessed, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. How many strains that you honestly knew were a certain strain have you smoked we'll see who the real seasoned smokers are here's mine -trainwreck, mango, papaya, afghan goo, romulan, sour diesel, nyc diesel, gdp, purple urkle, purple kush, blueberry, god bud, strawberry cough, g 13, ak 47, white widow, chocolate chunk, bubblegum, shiiskaberry, the church, jack frost, queen bee, sweet tooth, powerplant, mlb, medicine man, lollipop, fruity pebbles, super skunk, og kush fuck so many special locally named strains and dank cross strains to list but that's what comes to mind right now
  2. Sour d
    Purple Nepal
    Grand daddy purp
    Purple haze
    Statutory grape
    Afghan goo
    White Rhino
    Black dominica
    Blue dream
    Sugar OG
    OG kush
    Tahoe Og
    Fruity pebbles
    Hogs breath
    Lemon kush
    Lemon OG
    Purple widow
    White widow
    Blue crack
    Super dream queen
    Super snowcap
    Green crack
    Blue cheese

    So many others I can't even remember. Plus alot of no name dank, and mids.
  3. Oh and big bud, purple diesel, chem dog, lemon pie, cherry bomb, cookie dough and the purps. So many different dank variations of the purps
  4. And one little amazing nug of lambs bread the most uplifting euphoric strain ever
  5. This thread sucks because names do not mean shit.

    Unless you legally buy and possess your marijuana from a Legit Medicinal Marijuana Dispensary.

  6. hahahaha what a name :smoke:
  7. strains actually have a pretty big role in many aspects of the bud yeah the grower's methods and nutrients play the biggest part but the genetics do too. Guess who the dispensaries usually get almost their bud that they sell from? Local growers
  8. And just because its a person standing behind the desk of a legal dispensary doesn't always mean they know all about what their selling you they can be just as full of shit an illegal dime a dozen hustler
  9. Ak-47
    Ak-47 strawberry pheno
    Blue Dream
    Connie Chung
    Cap City Crush
    Denver Nugget
    Green Crack
    Golden Goat
    ISS:Sativa pheno
    ISS:Indica Pheno
    Jack Herrer
    OG Kush
    Bubba Kush
    Lemon G
    Purple Kush
    Sour D
    White Widow
    Black Widow
    Super Lemon Haze
    Willies Wonder
    Maui wowwie
    Sour Maui
    Durban Poison
    Denver Durban
    Krypto Diesle
    Sour Goo
    Afgani Goo
    Strawberry cough

    Names mean a whole lot in legal states, but even prior to it being medical I would get named strains, medical has just confirmed many times I was smoking just what told I was...
  10. If you are a REAL seasoned toker, there is no possible way you can remember every strain you've smoked.
  11. Unless you're the grower or have a close relationship with him/her, you probably don't know what actual 'strain' you are smoking.
  12. white widow
    east coast sour diesel
    super silver haze
    white russian
    white rhino
    northern lights
    hawaiian indica
    mr. nice guy
    afghani kush
    orange kush
    bubba kush
    train wreck
    nyc diesel
    og kush
    dj short's blueberry
    blue dream
    green crack
    master kush
    alaskan thunder fuck
    sour kush
    grand daddy purps
    the purps
    purple urkle
    jack herrer
    juicy fruit

  13. That is so bullshit...maybe some states but even prior to medical name strains were around, strains have verafiable characteristics...only an ass hole would lie about a strain...with that being said there was a time when everyone in the street had Blueberry, and that was not always the case...
  14. Yeah I know I've smoke sooo many more I just can't remember. I love dank that's all I know
  15. Medical Strains, all from Delta 9 in Van Nuys:

    Larry OG: about 50/50 indica sativa if I remember, not very potent but its a clear high and I always describe it as "nice" when I use it.

    Chemdawg: Nothing too special about this stuff, not to say its bad, I just can't really describe it as anything more specific than being high.

    Skywalker OG: Very strong indica, crazy body high and makes everything red and purple. Gotta love the smell. Skywalker through my Magic Flight launch box is THE BEST TASTING BUD EVER

    Blueberry: Largely indica hybrid. Meh. Only strain on this list I wouldn't buy again.

    Green Ribbon: HOLY MOLY, this stuff is some crazy potent sativa. Usually in the high 20's for % THC content. Great for vapes, grinds up super fine and compliments the nature of a functional vapor high.

    King Kush: Not stuff I'd suggest you use for daily use if you're in college (like me)... This stuff is SUPER POTENT, I have achieved hallucinations a couple of times and it is great fun to be as fucked up as you are (as well as a lot of medicinal benefits, mind you) on King Kush, but the problem is that it just kills you afterwards... you won't want to do anything but rest unless you toke some more... So if you're like me and do it every 2 hours, you could see how this stuff burned me out quickly. Best strain I have ever tried for groups and parties.

    I have tried a bunch of other strains no doubt, these are just the ones I bought.
  16. lemon kush
    blue dream
    green crack
    og kush
    super goo
    train wreck
    grand daddy purp
  17. I actually have smoked every strain, and just got an achievement for 50G.

  18. I'm sure I'll leave some out, but hear goes

    white widow
    white rhino,
    northern lights,
    kandy kush,
    purple kandy kush,
    orange kandy kush,
    green crack,
    jack herer,
    cracker jack (one of my favs of all time, green crack x jack herer),
    sour diesel,
    big bud,
    blue dreams,
    pineapple kush,
    raspberry kush,
    vanilla kush,
    durban poison,
    citrus haze,
    black domina,
    skunk #1
    silver haze
    orange dream
    OG Kush,
    and I'm sure a bunch of others that I can't think of right now


    while in Amsterdam:

    Super Silver Haze, Kalimist, and Super Lemon Haze from the Green house
    Chocoloupe, Big Buddha Cheese, from the Grey Area
    Red Berry Cherry and Amnesia Haze from Amnesia
    Apple Jack and Cheese from Abraxas
  19. how should i know. i can't remember half the bud i've ever bought anymore.
  20. #20 chronicluv4peac, Nov 29, 2011
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2011
    hundreds of different kinds many popular strains and unknowns

    possibly thousands idk theres been so much

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