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  1. Im trying to compose a list of strains i need to smoke befor I die and need your help. I have most of the cannabis cup winners but i want a big list that will be my life achuevement to complete.
  2. Green crack, any purps, alaskian thunderfuck. My favorites
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    List up to now:
    1- Maui Wowie
    2- Tangerine Dream
    3- Super Lemon Haze
    4- BC bud depot
    5- Blueberry
    6- Citral Skunk
    7- Acapulco Gold
    8- Taxada Timewarp
    9- Blue Dream
    10- Super Silver Haze
    11- Citral Skunk
    12- Warlock
    13- Vanilpa Kush
    14- Kosher Kush
    15- OG Kush
    16- LSD
    17-Green Crack
    18- Alaskan Thunderfuck
    19- G-13
    20- Jack-47
    21- P-91
    22- Molawi Gold
  4. G-13, Jack-47, P-91 and Molawi gold are the best strains that I have heard of and I've tried all of them cept official G-13, but I have had DNA's Sour cream which contains G-13 haze. Seriously dank beyond imagination but you won't find any of them on the street or in the average dispensary. Best way to get all the top strains is to grow yourself or have a really good friend with a green thumb.
  5. I have a couple of years to try to find these and i am also growing. I rece y watched the movie
    " a big year" were people try to see as many birds they can in a year. We should do this with cannabis strains
  6. Haha that is a good idea. A dispensary near me offers a deal where you can mix up an 8th or a quarter with a variety of strains. So every time I cop from them I get 4 new strains at the least haha. There's nothing like variety.
  7. Thats nice i wish i lived in the US for dispensories. In canada hwving a green card is nearly imposible
  8. So any more rare or out of the ordinary strains?
  9. so any more rare strains or out of the ordinary strains?

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