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strains that won't cause heart racing?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by relief2, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Hi all-
    Are there any strains that won't get my heart racing?

    1st the heart starts racing, then the anxiety/panic set in... I'm only smoking Indicas (the cheaper ones at the dispensary).

    Are the more expensive strains more pure (ie, won't cause so much anxiety?)?

    Thanks so much for the feedback!
  2. lol. Your heart beats faster when you get high, it has nothing to do with the strain you're smoking.
    Usually this happens to people who start smoking. You can practically hear your heart beat then you get overwhelmed and panic. Give it some time. Start smoking more and after a while you'll see that it will quickly fade away.
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  3. yeah, but it sucks. i already have plenty of anxiety w/o smoking! i swear sometimes my heart feels funny the next day too!
  4. How much are you smoking each time? Did you just start smoking?
    Is the rapid heartbeat in any way related to the condition you are attempting to treat with Cannabis?

    I just started smoking again a couple months ago. I was all worked up when I took my first few hits. My heart was racing too. But it was because I was already all worked up about it. I found that when I relaxed before smoking, that it relaxed me further. I also toned down the amount I smoked. I took a good 6 or 7 rips after not smoking for about 12 years on some pretty good quality stuff that was more potent than what I used to smoke. Turned out that maybe 2 hits was enough. Sometimes just one. (Low tolerance, what can I say.)
  5. I dont know if it ever goes away you just have to smoke more high quality weed and more amounts of it to get there again. I used to get like that on shwag now i have smoke some kind of hash or oil to get like that
  6. I'm a new smoker and only take a few hits. I had figured it was just because I was new at it and was praying that you guys would tell me it gets better. I'm not using the medical marijuana for any heart condition, just chronic pain. I also have some anxiety issues and am hoping that it will help that too. So far it hasn't... i think the racing heart rate makes me start to panic. I try to ride through but it seems to last forever (even though i know it doesn't). thanks for the replies all!
  7. smoke a nice sativa, they sometimes prescribe it in cali for anxiety problems
  8. Huh? :confused: I'm pretty sure it's the other way around, CBD is good for anxiety, CBD is found more in indicas. Sativas have more THC, THC is what increases heartrate, CBD slows it so indicas should be better for less increase. Just ask for a strain that won't increase heartrate as much.
  9. I was thinking the same thing weedidas (i like that logo, that's funny). Too bad they don't a strain that has mostly CBDs and very little THC!!! I had heard that the CBDs is what helps w/ the chronic pain... I know i'm new at this smoking thing, but i can't believe how different the effect is based on the strain. i always thought pot was pot!
  10. Has it helped with your chronic pain? I bought some for my back pain but haven't smoked much of it.
  11. If you truly want this ratio, then ask for early harvests, or strains with no amber in the trichs. The CBD to THC ratio will be higher, but it may also not be what you are looking for.

    It sounds to me like you would greatly benefit from using edibles, since smoking is whats bothering you. Have you ever tried it?

    The onset is much slower, less heart racing, longer lasting analgesic effects, just try a little bite of a med grade brownie, and see if you don't like it better.
  12. You can also use a vaporizer and target CBD's rather then THC via temperature setting. Anything lower then 175-180C (around 155-170C) Will yield you mostly CBD's and leave that bothersome THC in the DUFF.
  13. thanks for the responses everyone! i have tried the edibles, still trying to find a good one that works. or trying to find some butter to make my own. also, i just ordered a vape. good idea about leaving it at a lower setting.

    and for new earth being: yes it helps w/ pain! i used it last night for a headache (8 of 10 on pain scale) and knee pain (4/10) and cramps (7/10). after 5-10 mins it took the edge off. after an hour all pain was down to a 1-2. and all i needed was a little bit of a buzz (only took 3 hits). the feeling was so much better then my vicoden and i didn't have the nausea i get w/ it either. so give it a try, just go easy on it at 1st!!
  14. really? i thought indicas were more likely to cause paranoia, which i didn't think would be too good for anxiety
  15. I'm almost certain indicas wouldn't cause paranoia seeing its high in CBD - which increases buds depressant effects ...

    A heady sativa would get your heart racing, get you all hyper, which sounds like it would increase a persons anxiety

    I'd definitely go for an indica - and seeing I'm currently tokin' on it I'd suggest purple kush
  16. The reason your heart starts to race is because of general anxiety. If you are a new smoker you become anxious because it is a completely new experience for you to understand and comprehend. THC alone does not directly cause the heart rate to increase. Rather it's just your mind telling you, "whoa, I'm a bit overwhelmed by this feeling."

    The reason you are overwhelmed is because being high is sort of like sensory overload for your entire nervous system. Everything is enhanced; sounds, sight, touch, smell, taste, your senses are overloaded with more than it can normally handle while totally sober. As a result, you start to feel anxious and uneasy because you are not used to it. Instead of being afraid of it, accept it. Know that this is what THC does: enhance the senses. And instead of fearing it, enjoy it. Smoke on a beautiful sunny day with your favorite music. Nothing too fast or upbeat, something very mellow and chill. Once you start sccepting the feeling of being high, the less you get anxious and the less your heart starts to beat. My heart never really beats fast anymore unless I smoke really good shit and I get way too high, because my mind is not used to being that high.
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    If your heart is healthy, then you have nothing to worry about. Like alice said, just start to accept it. There's something called EFT (emotional freedom technique) might want to youtube it, it has definitely helped with anxiety for me.

    The sensory overload is what makes me nervous. I feal like I'm losing control and getting to sensative, which makes me anxious. Just stay positive, accept it, you will get used to it and probably start to enjoy it. Plus building up the high the dose over time can help, get more high each time you are confortable with how you previously were.

    Lol thanks, I made the logo long time ago, you can see the top three leaves are just a stretched part of the original, but all my cloths are 100% hemp unlike addidas. ;) lol

    TokinJ: Purple kush is awesome, actually that's what strain I have in my sig. haha
  18. Interesting, can you provide a link to wherever it talks about this?
  19. Sorry for triple post, couldn't edit.

    Are you positive about this? I mean it does kinda make sense that when you go into sensory overload you're heartrate may go up from being overwhelmed, and that when you have been high many times for a while, it doesn't increase(as much) because you are used to it, but I also have trouble believing that. I thought that THC does something in the autonomic nervous system that makes it increase heartrate, therefore not mattering how overwhelmed you are, but being anxious will add to it's heartrate increasing effects. That would be nice to know if it increased just from being overwhelmed but is there evidence?
  20. Completely wrong. Indica's are the strain that calm you down, Sativa's are the head high buds that work you up, etc. You've got it backwards :)

    There was a post I made about 5 mintues ago in someone else's topic.. Here's the qutoe of my post since it directly applies to you also:


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