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Strains that help you focus?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Spitzz, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Well I just read about doing some "other things" that will help you focus while you study. Because I'm not into taking anything else. Are there any strains that will help me become INSANELY focused?

    Thanks Blades :)
  2. sativa dominant strains help supposedly...not for me though
  3. Weed in general isn't going to help you focus unfortunately. That's based off my personal experience although.
    If there are any strains that do enhance concentration, fill me in.
  4. i don't think weed is going to help you focus, however if anything it would be a sativa that could help you in this area

  5. Weed probably won't help.
    Ginkgo biloba helps.
  6. Try doing something that you're interested in. Should be easy to focus while you're high then. Unless you're being forced to study something you don't give a shit about.
  7. Sour D and Strawberry cough have always made me clear-headed and able to think properly
  8. Don't get alot of strains here, but this Ak-47 i smoked gave me a nice focused buzz that was great for school.
  9. Dude I love me some sativas but I must be the first person to say I'm not really a Sour D fan

    Chiesel is more my style :smoke:

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