Strains that don't stink really bad?

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  1. I'm thing about getting a mr. grow pro Home - . I has a carbon filter. I'm going to plug it in next to a air neutralizer glade plug in and a scented plug in as well. SO i need to make it to where my friends will not smell a thing. I want it to be nearly impossible to smell it in my room. So what are some strains that will grow well in a pc case but have little to no smell while flowering
  2. I was told Northern Lights was a good strain. I went with the Arjan Haze 3,but im pretty new as well. Wonder what others will say...
  3. Cinderella 99, fairly low odor, easy to grow, great smoke.
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    No matter what you grow dude theres going to be some sort of odor. Its distinct and noticeable right away since its not a normal odor that you encounter everyday. It will stink and most likely stink badly towards the end.

    A glad plug in thing is def not gonna cut it. Those dont cut normal odor anyhow.

    Since your case is going to be small you probably cant fit a carbon filter in. You could suck air out of the case into it and have the carbon filter outside the box but most carbon filters are designed to pull air into them not out.

    You can get yourself a HEPA airfilter system they sell them at Walmart/Lowes/Home Depot then get yourself some ONA. They sell it in blocks, liquid, gels, and misters. Stuff works awesome. You can also build this ultra cheap. Works great I use it in my grow room.

    A good odor control I recently discovered and use is a humidifier. I mix ONA liquid concentrate with the water and turn that on and whole place smells great.

    My White Widows growing reek badly but you could be right next to my grow tent since I have gone overboard on odor control. Smells like Fresh Linen actually. The only time I get blasted is when I open it up to move stuff around.

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