Strains short in height?

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  1. I am taking on a new project and i will be growing for a close friend in an extremely small space. I am looking for any strain that grows no more that 12-15 inches in height and preferably has a short flowering period. Any suggestions would be a great help as I am having difficulties finding the desired information online.
  2. Any indica's would work fine, with lst done of course. A shorter veg time would need to be done since you have height issues. Most people lean towards the lowryder strains witch can be found on drchronic's site. Best of luck, any other questions feel free to ask around.

  3. Well my concerns come from this, my wife has successfully been using the AEROGARDEN in our home to grow herbs other than cannabis, after recently seeing the AEROGARDEN featured in high times 10th annual gear of the year issue, a close friend of mine suggested that we steal my wife's AEROGARDEN for a project of our own...and here in Humboldt that means growing some beautiful cannabis. I am new to the area from ocean beach san diego, so i have yet to meet anyone who can really help me with my problem.
  4. Yah im not to familiar with the aerogarden. What makes sense to me is grow a strong mother plant and take clones and put them im aerogarden to get best results with the space limit...thats what i'd do.
  5. I tried Aurora this year and could hardly believe it was so small when it started flowering. Downside: I found it prone to fail early, as a seedling, and it seems to be more attractive to parasites than my sativas, which go to 4m.
  6. look for technique called "sea of green", this is not the name but the growing style your looking for. big yield, low height, potent, short cycle, and very small space.
    god bub....papaya.....big bud......many others apply.


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